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TTT Comprehensive Gameplay Guide

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Comprehensive TTT Guide
by Google Chrome Pony

Feel free to comment on anything you feel I should add/remove/amend

1. The Basics

Trouble in Terrorist town, or TTT, is a psychological strategy FPS, where innocents are pinned against traitors. The innocents vastly outnumber the traitors, but the traitors have access to a private chat, a weapons shop (only certain innocents labeled detectives have access to something similar), and must rely on surprise, chaos, and teamwork to win. All the same, innocents must rely on discipline, coordination, and teamwork to catch the traitors and terminate them.

2. Innocents

Innocents are the most common group in TTT. They have no idea who the traitors are, since only traitors know this. You have safety in numbers, since out of 4 terrorists, 3 will end up being Innocents. Your job is to explore the map, identify corpses (and call detectives to them if they have DNA on them that can lead to a traitor), and alert other Innocents if you see someone acting suspicious, or performing a traitorous act (discussed later). Failing to identify a corpse is suspicious. Refusing to ID a corpse after being asked to is traitorous. If you see someone performing a traitorous act, you should call for them to be killed on sight, or KoS'd. On this server, you must see a player's nametag in order to calla KoS. If you see someone shooting and are unsure who the traitor is, allow the suspect to ID the corpse. You should, by default, trust no individual player, but you can rely on the fact that there is only 1 traitor for every 4 terrorists actively playing. If you see a traitor shoot into a crowd and specifically avoid shooting one person, that person is likely a traitor! Claiming rooms is only allowed in overtime. You can claim a room by typing out in chat which room you're claiming. You may not claim hallways or rooms that lead to other rooms, excluding closets or bathrooms. If someone is following you and acting suspicious, you may warn them 3 times to stop following you. If they persist after the 3rd warning, you may kill them. The warnings must be reasonably spaced apart for a period of at least 5 seconds.

3. Traitors

Traitors are the most popular group to play in TTT, since traitors get to have all the fun. Traitors have access to a credit shop with a wide variety of goodies to kill unsuspecting innocents, from knives to C4 to SLAM mines. However, by nature of the game, traitors are greatly outnumbered, so pure DM will not win most games. There are certain tricks to being a successful traitor:

  1. 1. Coordinate with your team. Talk in traitor chat, and set up C4 traps and ambushes. Knife those pesky detectives and take their DNA scanners!
    2. Use your point shop wisely. Don't neglect to buy things from the shop (by default bound to "c"), but also don't spend your credits on items you don't yet need.
    3. Know your surroundings. Don't open fire on innocents if they can shoot back. Try not to leave any witnesses. Also, don't go out guns a' blazing around your traitor buddies, as that puts them in an unfortunate situation.
    4. Keep your eyes peeled for friendly C4s and SLAM mines. You can die needlessly to them and that is easily preventable!

There are certain popular traitor metas utilized often:
Passive weapons, such as C4s, radar, and body armor can help you kill innocents with minimal risk to yourself. C4s can be disarmed, but, if you hide one well, it is virtually undetectable and very deadly. Radar marks everyone alive as a green blip on your screen every 30 seconds. Detectives are not distinguished from innocents with a traitor's radar. Body armor adds passive bullet resistance.

Active explosives, such as SLAM mines or jihad bombs, are useful for hit & run attacks on clusters of innocents with no traitors around, or to place as traps. Throwing incendiary grenades at other terrorists IS TRAITOROUS. Throwing smoke grenades is not. Throwing discombobulators is only traitorous if you injure or kill a terrorist by pushing them into an environmental hazard.

Active guns, such as the silenced pistol, silenced AWP, and poltergeist, all very situational weapons which can allow you to get away with undetected kills or give you away.

Utilities, such as the disguiser (for use if you have been KoS'd), grapple hook for flying around the map, sandwich for gaining health, and decoys for hiding your DNA trail. Possessing any of these is grounds for an instant KoS, however, so be stealthy about them! It should be noted, while possessing a sandwich is KoS, noticing that someone gained health is not KoS.

Sabotage, such as destroying a traitor tester or entering a traitor-only room, to place a decoy, C4, escape a detective, or otherwise. By destroying testers, you reduce the chances of you being discovered by process of elimination.

And then, of course, the knife. A must for every traitor's arsenal, it is an easy (and silent) 1 hit kill for use on high priority targets.

If detected with any of these items, it is grounds for innocents to immediately kill you. 

3. Detectives

For every 8 terrorists, 1 detective is assigned. Detectives are a special innocent who are better equipped to take out traitors. By default they spawn with body armor, and have access to a point shop to buy items. This means that, by default, you are immediately proven, and everyone knows that you are not a traitor. You also spawn with a DNA scanner, which, upon clicking a recently killed corpse with DNA of the killer, allows you to track who killed them. It is good practice to understand the context of why they were killed (so as not to inadvertently kill an innocent), and to allow the DNA blip to hit the terrorist twice before killing them, to ensure that you have your man. Your DNA scanner can also be used not only on corpses, but on items such as guns, C4, silent AWPs, and any other weapon someone can pick up. Use this to your advantage! Killing traitors affords you a credit, as well as picking up any credits off of their bodies or the bodies of fellow fallen detectives. Detectives have access to a point shop, just like traitors, and may purchase some of the following:

A health station, useful for healing terrorists. Innocents and traitors alike may use it for healing, but since traitors are outnumbered and have the surprise advantage, it is best to ensure that as many terrorists as possible are at full health. 

A S&W 500, useful for instantly killing terrorists. Be sure to only shoot known traitors with it!

A detective grapple hook, allowing you to fly around the server.

A toilet paper roll. If you put toilet paper rolls against your eyes and pretend that they're binoculars, you can magically see further. Also useful for identifying bodies that are otherwise out of reach.

4. The Metagame

There are certain functions of TTT which you can use to your advantage. One very useful function is the ability to mark people in the tab menu. Simply click on their name in order to mark them as traitor, innocent, suspicious, avoid, or missing. No one can see how you mark others, but it is useful for quickly identifying the people around you, and for future reference as a way to remember who has been proven innocent. If you see someone marked innocent, then it is wise to stick around them. If you see them marked traitor, then open fire.

Press Z to empty your gun of its ammunition. This is useful for times when ammo is scarce, but there's plenty of weapons on the ground, such as at the end of the preparing phase.

Pressing F1 is a great way to learn about the game, and adjust the settings so that you can play at your best.

Since this is a psychological game, certain metagames are banned. It is against the rules to ask someone suspicious to spell the word "innocent" backwards (something very hard to do if you don't have it in front of your face like a traitor would). It is considered bad practice to spectate yourself right after you die so that you are never missing in action. It is very much against the rules to ghost by telling a living person who the traitors are or where terrorists are located while you are dead, usually through third party communication like steam chat or skype.

Random Death Match is a metagame where an innocent or a traitor kills a player on their team. This goes against how TTT is meant to be played out, and can lead to a chain of RDM, falsely proven traitors, and general inconsistencies with the playing experience. These are normally remedied through the karma system, which decreases your damage done for team killing, and through slaying, executed by server staff. Any RDM, regardless of who committed it and who was the victim, is punishable by 1 slay on this server. Mass RDM may be punishable by a ban.

Prop building and flying are allowed on this server, but if you go to a location unreachable by standard means or outside of the map, this is KoS.

Having names that are hard to pronounce or interfere with the meta (such as calling yourself "kos moat") are not allowed.

Certain other metagames, such as skin, gun, and location, are off limits in terms of the reasons you can KoS. The only way you can KoS someone without directly seeing them do a traitorous act is through DNA, through testing, or from someone else's KoS. You should never kill on a hunch.

Binds are useful for TTT, the most important being suitzoom, which allows you to instantly call out a traitor in chat. For more information, google TTT suitzoom.

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I have a draft of gun data written up, I just need to hop on the server and do some field tests (shooting off guns and recording fire rate, shooting people and checking logs for damage) to verify that my data is accurate, and then I'll make another master post on guns.

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