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All MG TTT Server ID's So You Can Favourite

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To save a server as a favourite you need to launch gmod and follow this order

Enter Find Multiplayer Game>Legacy Browser> Add a server ( located on the bottom part of the legacy browser)> Copy & Paste server address> Press Add this address to favourites>Repeat for all Server Address

All Basic Servers

ttt.moat.gg   ttt2.moat.gg   ttt3.moat.gg   ttt4.moat.gg:27017   ttt5.moat.gg   ttt6.moat.gg:27017

ttt7.moat.gg:27019   ttt8.moat.gg:27020   ttt9.moat.gg:27015   ttt10.moat.gg:27017   ttt11.moat.gg:27018   ttt12.moat.gg:27020 

All Basic MC Servers

ttt-mc.moat.gg   ttt-mc2.moat.gg:27016   ttt-mc3.moat.gg:27016   ttt-mc4.moat.gg:27016   ttt-mc5.moat.gg:27019  

All Eu Servers

 ttt-eu1.moat.gg  ttt-eu2.moat.gg:27017   ttt-eu3.moat.gg:27018   ttt-eu4.moat.gg:27020

All Eu MC Servers

ttt-eumc1.moat.gg:27016  ttt-eumc2.moat.gg:27019

Misc Servers


Now you may ask why add favourites instead of just using history is  because when you favourite a server it loads up faster and allows for players to not have to alt-tab to browser to join other servers this is just a more efficient way of doing things.

I hope this helps players with staying connected to the MG servers

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