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[READ BEFORE POSTING] TTT Trial Staff Requirements & Rules

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Requirements that need be met prior to application [UPDATED 05/15/20]:


  1. Have 7 days of in-game ❤❤❤ulative playtime
  2. Be 15 years of age, or older
  3. Have a microphone
  4. Have been part of the community for at least 2 weeks.
  5. Have been part of the forums for at least 2 weeks.
  6. Have NOT been KICKED or BANNED within the past 30 days
  7. FORMER STAFF ONLY: Review the additional requirements of the "Staff Member Reappearance Policy" linked here.

Rules for Trial-Staff threads:

You may NEVER talk about your application to anybody. If you are caught talking about your application or asking for feedback over steam chat, the servers, the forums, or in-game, your application will be DENIED.

Do NOT simply post a +1 or -1 in an app. ALWAYS leave a comment explaining your DIRECT interactions with this player, NOT what you have "heard". (You may also post physical support (screenshots, etc). This WILL ENSURE your feedback is taken into full consideration when the management team decides on the application.)

Do NOT flame, attack, or be rude in your feedback.

Do NOT make more than one post in a app. If you have something else to add, do so in your original post. Threads are reviewed in full, each time they are viewed, and your new comments will always be seen.

Do NOT post in your own application. This includes putting ratings on comments from other peers. If you have info to add, edit the original post.

You're only allowed to ❤❤❤p your application A MAXIMUM OF THREE (3) times by posting "❤❤❤p (1,2,3)".

After getting denied, you MUST wait 2 weeks until you post another trial staff application.

Do NOT submit your application with false/invalid information. Doing so will result in your application being DENIED.

Keep your in-game name current with your application.

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