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Detective Equipment Guide

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This is a guide on the various equipment for the detective. This will go over what each equipment does and personal tips I have for them.

Each equipment will have a verdict that will be color coded.

Highly recommended



Personal Preference


Waste of credit



This is your equipment shop. You can bring this up with the C Key by default. In the beginning, you start with 1 credit unless you have a credit hoarder. You can kill a traitor to gain credits and you can pick up unused credits from dead bodies.



Body Armor


As a detective you start with this by default. It is incredible useful in gun fights. Especially when you are in a server full of player with op weapons. However, the body armor doesn't cover head shots. 

Verdict - Default, no verdict needed.

Hermes Boots


This is a passive equipment that allows you to run faster than you usually do. This does stack speed on top of marathon runner and weight reduction guns. With the boots, you can reach locations quickly than you normally do. For example, when you are tracking down a person with the DNA scanner, you can reach them faster. It is also helpful if you like to use hit and run tactic. I personally buy this every time to have that nice speed boost. Not all players would like that extra speed boost

Verdict - Personal Preference / Recommended



Another passive equipment that allows you to see everyone's position every 10 seconds or so. Usually on other servers, they have a long cool down. However, on moat, it has a shorter cool down making this a very useful tool. One instance where this is helpful is investigating once active areas. For example, lets say you see 5 blips in a particular area, the next scan shows only 1 blip in the area. You can investigate this area and perhaps you can find DNA in that area. You can also use this radar to know what possible situation you can be entering into when investigating. Finally, it is effective with the process of elimination tactic. However, be warned that the radar can countered with the disguiser. Any traitors with the disguiser active will not show up on the radar. Overall, this is a very useful tool due to its short cool down. I personally buy this every round and I highly recommend you do too.

Verdict - Highly recommended

Thunder Thighs


This is an active equipment despite what the category it is in say. This allows you to quickly move locations in a straight line. However, it will emit a very loud sound when you do so. This has a few limited charges. Honestly, you should never buy this. It is a waste of a credit. It's rarely used and there is another equipment called blink that is 100 times better than this one.

Verdict - Waste of credit



This allows you to teleport from one location to another. It has a recharge but in the end has infinite uses. This is better than the thunder thighs because of many reasons. 1). It has infinite uses, 2) It is also a lot less conspicuous and 3) It can reach farther than Thunder Thighs. In big open maps, you can get around faster with this tool. Heck, you can go towards opposite ends of each maps. When combined with the DNA Scanner, you can reach your target much quicker and eliminate the threat. When combined with the radar, you can reach areas of "interest" when needed. Extremely helpful in large open maps like dolls or canyon. Not very helpful in small maps like airbus and clue.

Verdict - Situational / Useful / Highly recommended

Grappling Hook


This is a tool allow you to grapple off of building edges or cliff.  It is one of the few equipment that you can buy infinite of thus it is one of more common item to buy when doing your dailies. It has its own uses and there are multiple unique scenario where this tool is helpful. However, very few of them apply for detectives. The original intent of the grappling hook is to reach tall places such as reaching the top shelves on dolls. However, the blink covers all your quick movement needs.  Not only that, when you are in the process of grappling, someone can shoot out the hook and you can be falling to your death.  You could use this as a leash if you want to but that is only for the fun of it. Unless anyone here can come up of a scenario where this is helpful, I don't find this helpful at all.

Verdict - Waste of a credit



This is one of the most helpful tool. It's a very precious resource you can have. It is only one of the two ways you can regenerate health as a detective. Your other option is the health station but I will get to that later. You get 4 "bites" and usually within the 4 charges you will regain all of your health back. It is a very quick way to regenerate health in a few seconds. Sometimes as detective you might be a priority target for the traitors. In that case you may be ambushed in a gun fight. If you are lucky to survive, you better use that sandwich or else the t buddies might come looking for ya. I mostly found myself using the sandwich after gun fights.  However, as it is a precious resource, you must use it wisely. You definitively don't want to waste it for regenerating 10 hp. If you drop the sandwich, it becomes poisoned and any bites after that will damage you. Not to mention the sandwich takes the 8th slot. Many of the other useful tools such as the blink takes up that 8th slot as well. So don't buy this at the start of the round.

Verdict - Situational / Highly Recommended when needed



This tool helps you identify unided bodies at a distance. It also acts as a binoculars. This is not a very useful tool. As a detective, bodies help you with 3 things: tracing traitors if they have DNA, getting credits and elimination people from the leader board. With binoculars, they only help you with eliminating people from the list. If you want to get dna or credits, you will have to go up to the body and id it. Not to mention the fact that it takes a few seconds to id a body with the binocular. When this happen, you are forced to be stationary and leaving you vulnerable to attack. In my 1000 hours of TTT, I have only brought the binoculars about three times and it was only useful for one of the those three. Since we have the blink, you are better off with blinking towards the body.

Verdict - Waste of a credit



Its just a briefcase. Why the fuck do you need a briefcase? This tool just spits out 30 pieces of random ammo. Its a helpful tool. If you are able disengage from a gun fight and need ammo desperately, this is the tool for you. You can also be courteous by dropping this in maps where there are no ammo. I am looking at you mc_skyislands. Helpful, but I won't recommend spawning this in every single round.

Verdict - Situational / Useful



Ya know how the T can throw this thing call a bio hazard ball? If that hit players, they are infected. If you fail to use this cure on them, they turn to zombies. And then you have to kill your fellow players. Heart breaking isn't it? So you better identify them and heal them before you have to kill half of the server. This is a very situational equipment. Completely useless if the traitors doesn't use the bio hazard ball. And even if it has been used, you will need the players to tell you that they have been infected.

Verdict - Situational



This is a pretty powerful tool when you need to act as a bomb squad. This will instantly defuse c4 and it even makes the c4 glow for you making it easier to find it. This does have unlimited uses. This is something which I have barely brought because there are alternatives to defusing c4. Such alternatives are killing the traitor and finding out which wire to cut. You can always find the c4 by hearing its beep. You can always tell everyone to clear the area and let it explode. Or you can also take a guess and the defuse it without the defuser. The risk, however, is that there is a chance that you can cut the wrong wire and explode it preemptively. But let me tell you a little secret. 99.9% of the time, the traitors set the c4 to 45 seconds. Because of this short fuse, 5 out of the 6 wires will defuse it and only 1 of them will explode it. So you have a pretty high chance at guessing it. If you don't feel save or you just have terrible luck that day, then you are more than welcome to use this. Also as a detective, you can get DNA from the c4. However, the c4 must be defused.

Verdict - Situational / Useful / Personal Preference



This is an interesting tool. This has two bullets and upon hit, it forces the player to drop everything he has. TTT doesn't have any sort of weapon checker, the Disarmer can act as a weapon checker. However, you must aim your shot. You only have two bullets so make them count. You could also use this in a gun fight and ruin the traitor's life. I personally am not too found of this tool because this incriminates innocents who have picked up tools. While it is perfectly fine if you kill an innocent who has T equipment, you just lost an ally against the traitors. You are only making the traitor's job easier. I have seen other people use this and they work well with it.


Verdict - Personal Preference

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S&W .500 - give it to a befriended traitor and watch the mayhem begin.

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