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RSB A.k.a mobile C4.

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The Remote Sticky bomb is a really good T weapon. Here's a brief guide to it:
Step 1: Stickem
The Hit detection is very wonky on it so try get a target at the start of the round. Make sure he is standing still. You will get confirmation in the bottom of the screen. Tell your t buddies to not try anything in case they kill your target, as it cant be replanted if the target died.
Step 2: Skedadle
Run to a safe area. I suggest something like a t room, or a timed area, or just keep moving. 
Step 3: Action
Once you start the trigger process it cant be stopped. You cant switch weapons or drop the R.S.B. (Thus the whole safe area thing).  Hold right click to charge it and the process will begin. It will start making a loud c4 sound on both you and the target. 
Step 4: Profit
once it is fully charged you shall see your target thru the map. Move away from him and detonate. Explosive friendly fire is disabled on t buddies so only worry about yourself. 

Why you should use it:
It takes some level of skill to use, so make sure you have a plan before you start charging it in a tester or something stupid.
It doesn't have the limitation of a c4, which is disabled on smaller maps, meaning you got yourself a walking bomb in a confined space.
Hope this guide was helpfull


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