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In-Game Name of Offender:


SteamID of Offender:


Which server was this on?:

TTT #3

Date of Incident:


Report Reason:


What Happened:

Round #8 - around 1:45 PM
Round starts and not 10 seconds in, I'm RDM'd by this guy. I was a T however I made no kills, no suspicion, nothing. After the round ended I asked him to slay himself next round and I'd let it go but he didn't even respond.

Were there any staff members online? If yes, who?:




Do you understand you may not flame/harass in the replies?:


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@SHAZZAM | moat.gg do you have any evidence, such as damage logs, shot logs and/or death scene? As it stands there is not sufficient evidence here to give a player a punishment so you have 24 hours to provide additional evidence or this will unfortunately have to be closed.

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Sadly this topic will be locked and archived due to a lack of evidence, please collect evidence of rdm by pressing f8 and looking at the damage logs, shot logs and death scene.

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