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[Complaint][Deadly][RDM x4]

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In-Game Name of Offender:


SteamID of Offender:


Which server was this on?:


Date of Incident:


Report Reason:

RDM x4

What Happened:

First incident (~2:15) (map: Schooldays3): Killed A T, carried body outside to prove it. He shoots me and kills me.
Second Incident: (2:18) (map: Schooldays3): Round starts I was Detective. Seeks me out and kills me.
Third & Fourth Incident (2:20 onwards) (map InnocentMotel): Roudn starts I do nothing cause I am WRITING THE REPORT and he RDM's me.
This is probably gonna keep happening

Were there any staff members online? If yes, who?:






Do you understand you may not flame/harass in the replies?:


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Here are also just one of the damage logs samples, I don't have the rest but here is one of the 4 (another one was attempted after this report was filed)

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@SHAZZAM | moat.gg so just to confirm, you don't have any evidence other that whats here already? To punish the player for the 4 rdm's I would need to see evidence of each instance.

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After reviewing the evidence, it is clear, without a doubt, that the offender has purposefully rdm'd the victim at the start of a round with no action going on around them to indicate that this was accidental.

Thus, the offender will not need to be contacted regarding this complaint.

Deadly STEAM_0:0:156289947 will be banned for 1 day due to Purposeful RDM.

This topic will now be locked and moved to ban requests.


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