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[Unban Request][TTT][Supa Bwe]

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Your In-Game Name:


Your Steam ID:


Which server where you banned on?:

TTT #1

Staff Member that Banned You:


Ban Reason:

ip of another banned account

Ban Length:


Did you break any rules?:


What Happened:

So i am on my 3rd time getting banned for purp rdm so purp rdm #3 ban for 1 week and i couldn't care to check the website ban because that tells me what day i was banned not the time and sometimes it takes longer than just joining the server so im on my alt account cause my main is banned on rust perm game ban so i hop on my alt that is banned and i was seeing if anyone commented L on my profile or anything for getting a gameban or any messages from anyone and that night i logged off logged back on next day to check how long my ban is and BOOM insta ban for ban evading in the loading screen to be precise and forgetting that im on my alt im perm banned on both accounts after i wait that week BOOM banned for ip evasion PERM ban so i made a appeal and after all the hard work and time and effort i put into the server and my 10 dollars that i saved up from 2 weeks of allowance BOOM taken away just like that and the staff that said to msg him denied my appeal for saying that anyone could have used that excuse when all i wanted to see is how many more days im banned for and i didn't know it doesn't tell you how much longer you have left it just says the total ban length and i really want to play the server more i already stopped for a year cause whatever happened to the server like i heard the owner went to a insane asylum over a egirl and overall i just want to play the server just like any other true member of the server all i wanted was to grow my inventory to the be the best and want to keep putting endless hours into the game i dont think that it is reasonable for it to be a perm ban for doing something this simple if anything please atleast lower it from perm to like a year or 6 months if not removing the whole thing


Have you read over our rules?:


Do you regret doing what you did?:


Do you promise not to break any rules after your ban?:


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You have already been denied in the past regarding alt evasion. Alt evasion is a permanent ban.


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