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[Complaint][Gaming Baws][Rdm(revenge rdm possible)]

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In-Game Name of Offender:

Gaming Baws

SteamID of Offender:


Which server was this on?:

TTT #11

Date of Incident:


Report Reason:

Rdm(revenge rdm possible)

What Happened:

Playing on TTT 11 playing around. I accidently killed gaming baws after I was shot by a person in the smoke), then after a round. he randomly shot me(and ran). then the next round the rdmed me for no reason(dispites being proven infront of him)

Were there any staff members online? If yes, who?:





Do you understand you may not flame/harass in the replies?:


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After reviewing the evidence provided and the comments from both players, I have concluded that this is not intentional rule breaking, pretty dumb to try and get someones attention with your fists and to shoot above someone who was crouch jumping to get their attention, but given how hidden danger says he rdm'd the offender and admitted to it, I find it believable that he was trying to get his attention to talk about it, just in a dumb way and given the damage dealt each time, I can believe it wasn't his intent to kill them or break the rules.

Gaming Baws, STEAM_0:1:40955144, will be slain 2 times for Accidental RDM x2.

Locked and archived.

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