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Hidden (Obscure) Rules

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Yes. There are hidden rules that you may or may not be already cognizant of. Personally I'm tired of the average tard saying I'm RDMing and reporting me when I either kill someone (or them) for association or killing an innocent or whatever the case might be. I will be updating this thread constantly every time I come across myself using a "hidden" rule or seeing one being utilized in-game.

If you don't want to read all of the explanation just read the multicolored parts for a general understanding. The rest are just intricacies and small details (though important) for specific scenarios or things you should generally just be aware of. I highly encourage you do read it.

For those who have been staff for a while and/or extremely knowledgeable of the rules, feel free to correct any mistakes by quoting said mistake in your comment below. Thanks.

So. Let's get down to it.


Association is a blanket term that basically covers most "logic-based killing". One thing most people do not realize about this specific server is that logic typically isn't the deciding factor from what is RDM (Random Death-Match) and what is not. The association clause is used to cover and justify these logic-based killings. 

Association, or "guilty by association", is self-explanatory. If you are associated in a traitorous action (by most means) or spared from being included in an attack on the innocent, you can be KOSed and/or killed for association (hence "guilty" by association). To stress this point, to legally kill by association, the player in question does not need to do anything KOSable or killable. To activate this clause, the player in question could have killed absolutely nobody but still be subjected to being killed for association.

EX1. A traitor runs into an area with three AFK players, (a non-KOS, undiscovered traitor, a detective and an innocent) who have been AFK since the beginning of the round. He kills the detective and innocent and runs away leaving the sole AFK traitor alive. Though nobody had witnessed the traitor commit this action, Madmawalks into the area and sees the dead, unidentified bodies on the floor next to the AFK, undiscovered traitor. By using the association clause, Madman can conclude: "If the remaining AFK player was an innocent, the traitor that killed the other two would have killed him as well; therefore, the AFK player must be a traitor." Upon IDing the body, Madman discovers that the remaining AFK was a traitor.

By this conclusion, he can kill the AFK player despite him doing absolutely nothing but just existing. It seems unfair, however, it makes complete sense. The association clause is basically "bad time, bad place". Note that if you are wrong (the player killed for association was an innocent) it is considered RDM and you can be slayed and punished for it.

- Does not need to be done in overtime.

- Player does not need to be AFK the whole game; only needs to be AFK when the others died around them.

- You cannot kill a detective for being AFK around dead bodies (detectives are absolute innocent). 

- This scenario still applies if a traitor had obviously traveled through the same spot the AFK was, and [seemingly] purposefully spared them. For instance, if they had shot at you, ran away and didn't kill the AFK despite them being able to. This, however, is riskier to kill by association as one can argue the non-AFK innocent the traitor is shooting, is of more importance than the AFK whom they can kill later. In-depth analysis of this specific scenario below.

In this scenario, here is what I would think and do. 

1) Wendy is being shot at by smile but since he's bad, she doesn't die. Wendy runs away.

2) Wendy comes back 30 seconds later to this same area and sees that hailey is AFK in the same spot smile was, when he was shooting Wendy.

3) Wendy kills hailey; she is a traitor.

4*) Wendy kills smile because hes's in the corner like an imbecile.

5*) Wendy calls smile a "dumbass".

6*) smile PRDMs Wendy the next round.

If hailey were innocent, it would be considered accidental RDM but since Wendy is hailey's girlfriend (since hailey is a man) she would not be slayed.

EX2. Three non-KOSed traitors travel down a hall with a detective. One of the traitors shoot and kill the detective and start fleeing the scene. Madman, who witnessed this action kills not only the player who shot the detective but the other two players who also had witnessed the traitorous action as they did not shoot the one who did killed the detective despite them having full reason and ample time to do so. By using the association clause, Madmacan conclude: "If the other two players were innocent they would have shot the person who had killed the detective; therefore the other two players must also be traitors." Upon IDing the bodies, Madman discovers that all three players were traitors.

Again, it seems unfair, however, it still makes sense. As a traitor, you should be wary of this as you can get your T-buddies killed easily and cost you your T-round and a victory.

- Can be applied to a known proven innocent (be careful however because you can easily commit accidental mass RDM) if that proven innocent was actually a traitor or if everyone in the scenario is actually innocent. In this specific situation, you should force them to ID the body and kill the sole person who did kill the innocent. In-depth analysis of this specific scenario below.

In this scenario, here is what I would think and do.

1) Wendy witnesses four players in hallway (luv, smile, hailey and AtomicShockwave).

2) luv kills AtomicShockwave and does not immediately ID his body while smile and hailey do not react. 

3 ) Wendy forces luv to ID or face KOS. luv IDs AtomicShockwave's body, he is innocent, Wendy kills luv.

4) Wendy forces hailey to ID or face KOS. hailey IDs luv's body, he is a traitor. Wendy kills hailey and smile for association.

Again, if hailey and smile were both innocent, it would be RDM and in this scenario, accidental mass RDM. Though I could have easily had killed all three without AtomicShockwave's identity being known (since killing and not identifying the body immediately is KOSable regardless of the killer KOSing the player they just killed) for this sake of this example, describing it as such is much more clear.

- Can be applied to a traitor running past one person, killing two others and not killing the first person they ran past. In-depth analysis of this specific scenario below.

iN tHIs scEnArIO, HeRe is wHaT i WoulD thInk aND dO.

1) Wendy witnesses luv run past smile and completely decimate and violate AtomicShockwave and YACKJABBER.

2) Wendy notices that luv made no attempt to kill smile.

3) Wendy tickles smile, he dies then she shoots and kills luv.

If smile were innocent, he would have instantly shot luv for killing those people and/or luv would have shot smile before doing so. The fact that luv made no attempt to kill smile in the slightest way possible makes him a candidate for association. Again, think about this logically. 

The big takeaway from this is that you can use your head for these types of killings. They are completely legal and are not considered RDM. However, be wary, as if you are wrong in your justification (if it doesn't constitute as "killing by association" or you end up killing an innocent) it is considered RDM and you will be slayed. These are not the only ways to kill for association, there are many more however, these are the most common.

Force Testing

Force Testing is not allowed on this server until it is. You are not allowed to force any player to use a tester (though tricking them is completely legal).

Examples of illegal force testing:

- Forcing a random player to test with no active KOSes then killing/KOSing if refused.

- Forcing a random player to test because of high suspicion.

- Forcing a random player to test because you are a detective.

- Pushing or using a Grappling Hook to pull someone into a tester.

This is all considered RDM. The only time you can force test a player is if they committed a traitorous action. This is the only way you can force test someone. Logically speaking, saying "Test or KOS!" when you can already KOS them for something else must be legal. Force testing in this fashion is a courtesy to the one being tested.

Examples of legal force testing:

- Forcing a KOSed player to test. 

- Forcing a player who just killed an innocent to test.

- Forcing a player who you have innocent DNA on to test.

To stress, you can only do this if you already have the prior ability to KOS. You can only force test if you have the ability to KOS them already.

Tricking someone to test is considered force testing however it legal and commonly used to force people to accidentally test.

Examples of tricking someone to test:

- Putting a Portable Tester on a player using a Health Station (causes them to accidentally test).

- Blocking a door with a Portable Tester (causes any player trying to open it to accidentally test).

The general rule of testing is that if the player themselves did not press the button on the Portable Tester or willingly walk into a tester, it is considered force testing. 

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Please give suggestions in the comments on what you want to be included. The next topics I want to get to is the "force testing" clause (force test only under certain circumstances and "last traitor standing" (where if everyone else is proven and one person is not they can be KOSed). 

If any staff member that is completely knowledgeable of the rules and would like to help, please hit me up.

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The one thing I can think of atm to add is to the 3rd example, say that luv killed the other two and then made no attempt to kill smile. Just walking past someone isn't really enough for association 

also youre missing a lot of words in places "wendy is being shot at by smile"

also imagine calling wendy she LOL
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27 minutes ago, s8nPlz said:

The one thing I can think of atm to add is to the 3rd example, say that luv killed the other two and then made no attempt to kill smile. Just walking past someone isn't really enough for association 

also youre missing a lot of words in places "wendy is being shot at by smile"

also imagine calling wendy she LOL

Probs should proofread, thanks.

I am she. 😤

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you did a great job on this girlfriend, i hope lots of ppl will see it and take notes 😉 

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typooo :) (see edit history)
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On 1/11/2020 at 1:12 AM, Wendy said:

- Added Force Testing

wendy places a tester on top of health statio nsteven is using causing him to test
not very gooood!!!


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