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So I have been on the staff team for quite a while (including both times) and I have felt lately that I want to help more as much as I can. I know on my first run as staff I focused more on the game than the forum work but this time around I promised I wouldn't do that. And I havent I've been doing forum work fairly regularly while working full time and I've still been playing the game as much as I can.
The staff team is starting to get back to where we need it and I want to be able to take on more responsibilities to lessen the load on others. Since becoming staff this time round I have really been really enjoying doing the forum work. I enjoy the procedures in place for doing it but I also enjoy explaining to people who are unsure about the process on submitting a complaint what we need to be able to make as true a judgement as possible. It is nice when people come to you after handling their complaints to let you know they appreciate it even though they dont have to.
I have been helping out players alot with any issues they are having or any help they need. Any players who have ever DM'd me on Steam or Discord for help know they can always come to me if they ever need. I have spent hours helping people fix issues with the game or filing player complaints or just questions in general.
All in all I love Moat and the community that it has and I just want to do as much as I can for it as well as make everything a little easier for the rest of the staff team.

What could you further contribute towards if you were promoted?:

As well as keeping up with what I currently am already doing I will then be able to also handle ban request making sure to follow the correct procedures currently in place. This would take alot of the pressure off of other staff as I have found in the past their is usually one or two busting their ass to keep the amount of pages down and then the rest don't have the time or motivation. Whereas if there were more people it would be easier on everyone to stay on top of things and keep everything running as smoothly as possible.

Do you fully understand your duties if you are promoted?:

Yes, I have spoken in great detail about the role with both JPH and Maple.I am very aware of the responsibilities that come with the role and understand that I must be knowledgeable and reasonable within areas that this role requires and that is not something I will take lightly.

How often will you be able to fulfill your duties if promoted?:

Everyday on the forums as before. Game most likely evenings and weekends depending on work.

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