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Why do you want to be promoted?:

I feel as if I have learned the ins and outs of Trial Staff and want to further the help I can bring to the community.

I am in love with being trial staff, and have loved the time I could put in as a TStaff, I've waited a while to apply for promotion because quite honestly the duties of moderator scare me, but i'm ready to dive in and help out on forums/in game more than i currently am.

What could you further contribute towards if you were promoted?:

I'm super active, i put in 80+ hours every two weeks (more like 120+ every two weeks but I want it to at least seem like i have a life) I am very good at diffusing a situation and being unbiased in my staffing decisions. (I may be more of a "Bad cop" but most players like me as a staff member, and i've done quite well at having the general public respect me as a staff member. I can also help fellow trial staff learn more about the moderator position and teach them the ropes before they apply for a promotion. I can also help new players learn the ropes of the moat servers in game without being a dick like most high levels.

My activity is kind of insane, I got the game right as pumpkin crates were added, and i already have 800 hours on gmod/29 days of playtime in moat.

Do you fully understand your duties if you are promoted?:


How often will you be able to fulfill your duties if promoted?:

I will be able to check into forums at least once a day, I'm always home and always able to get on (unless my sleep schedule is messed up and I am sleeping at an awkward time)

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