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Mr Jiggles

An alternate to decon



I feel it will be more interesting if inventory items/guns that would be deconned for IC, had another use.
In essence i'm thinking about a crafting system, of course after inventory sorting and better inventory handling is implemented, i don't see this being done anytime soon.

end round drops, crates, trades, gambling, mostly RNG for any one person to gain a weapon. Yet the only thing to do with unwanted weapons is to either level them for crates and decon after, or to just decon them as soon as they enter the inventory for IC.

i would like to see the idea of 'scrapping' weapons for parts equal to or a tier lower than the weapon 'scrapped', this can be in depth to 'you need 20 smg parts to craft a random smg' or as simple as 'you need 75 weapon parts to craft a random weapon', and to get 'scrapping this weapon will yield 1-3 parts (of [weapon rarity] quality)'.

something to see useless items to be deconned for that little bit of IC having another use, and if not crafting then sending to receive a guaranteed return, like a weapon crate that levels up the more you put into it to an extent for a weapon of guaranteed (minimum) rarity.

I believe any idea can be executed well if it is done properly, and finding an alternative to deconning weapons will no doubt keep anyone interesting in the long run depending on what route is taken when adding another process to the inventory system, and the 'gambling feel' can still be upheld when adding new features as it really depends on what process is taken to establish an alternative if anyone has concern about making a way for getting certain rarity weapons acquirable outside of the RNG everyone is used to.

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the idea you suggested was good. however be aware this can massively affect the economy. as you said, we have to execute it correctly

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This sounds like an interesting idea but with the amount of work that would need to go in to make it possible and also then the affect that it will have on the economy and gameplay, I don't think it's a good idea.

+New way to use items that are bad.

-More ways to get good items.

-Large change in the economy by having pieces of items.

-Makes better guns more available to everyone.

-A guarantee for a gun tier sounds like it's just going to create an influx of better items.

Move away from Ic which will most likely have large effects as that is one of the 2 forms of currency that there is right now.

If you make it too easy to craft them or get the parts that will then just create an influx of better guns while if it's too expensive to get enough items for it, then people wouldn't like it, nor want to try and work towards it.



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Any good idea is going to need some time put in to plan and implement, and isn't going to be perfect right away.

New uses for bad items is great.

More ways to get good items isn't bad.
too many ways to get good items is, and right now the only ways i know of currently to get good weapons is through luck and trading, it wouldn't hurt if that same luck is also in the 'crafting' i am supposing.

if you're worried about the economy, the parts can be separate from the inventory, untradeable, and unbuyable.
apart from that it can be made that doing anything could end in a net loss, say you 'scrap' ## standards for a chance at getting a specialized and if you do manage to get it, it would have been much more worth it to decon instead

making the process hard and work is a matter of what is worth doing, spending 200k ic on crates which has unique and interesting guns, or trying your luck to craft a better gun out of several guns sitting in your inventory, which depending on implementation, may have a chance to fail

everything can be handled in moderation, if there's worry of an influx of better items, make the process harder, like, making it not guaranteed..

IC will not become used less since buying crates and trading and gambling are much too a part of moat gaming, buying crates and converting the item/guns back into IC or farming for parts for (a chance at getting) better guns, IC won't be left out at all. the problem is keeping the flow somewhere between acceptable loss for reward and just a bit net loss.

and i don't know about you, but i'd definitely farm for ic for a couple months 'scrap'ing everything in trying to get a cosmic i've never the luck to drop from end round, or from a crate, even if it's a generic gun named cosmic..

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