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So its a big pain in the ♥♥♥ to be hitman as there are many large maps and it can be extremely hard to find someone. Getting a decent amount of kills is also near impossible when you are hunting down one person and don't even know their location, or when they are camping in a very large group, as when you kill your target you only get one free kill. If you decide to shoot your target and run, you're bound to get a KOS on you, then what will you do? You cant go in guns blazing because you can only kill your target and any free kills, and you are surely going to

My idea is that a hitman should be like a hitman IRL! (or movies cuz I've never seen a hitman lol) The hitman should start off with Hermes Boots to outrun their target, a disguiser so they can kill their target and flee safely if they are in a large group,  and a special radar that tracks only the target.

Basically, hitman could actually be good if it's a better traitor with specific rules!

What do my other TTC players think?

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I like this idea.  Even if they just started with the disguiser  it would be super useful. The ability to shoot someone down and run away without being called out from the start of the round would be game changing for hitman. 

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