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TTC menu overhaul

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Alright this will eventually be a big change so here we go.

The TTC help menu is unhelpful and confusing so I thought about how to make the menu look nicer, so here’s what i came up with.9fZkoYlEbjEYX_FgPJooiQUsHvCIf-Zy8ls9vlHYbv5Lkkq1k8x9PQX2RFSvGpeLEAHL-R0Vgz4m9QHcfZxSy4BQEiVNzIYZvmlnuGeCDs6WBjxQSCkjeO8bAkl_xYz6bSJ8tret

This is the main menu, It clearly shows what side everything is on.

If it is possible I would like these to be links on what each role icon to lead to a separate screen that shows what the role does and how it plays

Example: Innocent>dyvzMZK5h-C5ZPuWdpZSo7l_NXsk7ImdGth3dIsrSU_AGg-UgheIYEGjub7JlKTDDB7Ld7EzrUqFDxAat9QyDIeg3UEUfBk0nHCCtnQ3ldxsgAN0iiUFbBD5kwdwkFws3R_gej5G

I will continue to add more as I make them

Serial Killer>658263323_SerialKillerTTC.jpg.7178f0fa5b2cf68e14504f3aec9af19e.jpg



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