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New TTC Role

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So I can't take full credit for this idea, as it was heavily inspired by someone I was playing TTC with around a year ago. I don't remember the composer's name, but this character is heavily based on a character from Town of Salem; the Amnesiac. 

What the composer said is that the Amnesiac can take the role of anyone that has died, and the button to become that role is where the revive button would be for the doctor. His idea was that the Amnesiac could transform once, and I have to admit, this is a pretty ♥♥♥♥ good idea!

I like this new idea because it makes the game more interesting, and gives you another chance at an active role, but I have some enhancements.

Idea 1: The button to make you the dead player's role as said originally

Idea 2: Very similar to idea one, but the Amnesiac becomes the role of the first person they kill. I like this idea because it doesn't let the Amnesiac control the game by choosing the Serial Killer when they get killed, so it's more about picking the right person to kill and trying to read everyone's actions to find out who has the role you want.

Idea 3: The Amnesiac becomes the role of the first body they inspect. I like this idea because it would make the person playing the Amnesiac have to be more aware of the game and look at the top right of their screen to see who is who.

Idea 4: Similar to idea three, the Amnesiac becomes the role of the first UNIDENTIFIED body they inspect. I like this idea because the Amnesiac would have to be more active and move around the map to find a body that has not been identified yet.

What do my fellow TTC players think? Number the ideas in order of which one you like best and which one you believe is most fair. Please be considerate.

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Idea 1 is most like the Amnesiac from Town of Salem, being able to choose which role you want. To balance this similarly to ToS (the Amnesiac from ToS can only become non-unique roles) it wouldn't be able to become SK, Vet, Pheonix, or Witch Doctor. 

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