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Papa Bear

How stupid people do bids.

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Just gonna vent a bit.
I know that moat doesn't want to include a system of trading and bidding within the game or moat community in general, 
so I know it will never get fixed but its still an annoyance that people need to stop doing. 
There are typically 3 types of ways people trade in the community : 

1. The Flat Rate.
This is the normal flat price for items (example : mutators, rename token, certain guns, etc.).
Of course they are subject to change depending on the marketplace variation but in most times, they remain constant. 

2. The Bidding technique.
Typically a seller is going to place an item on the market with the notice of him taking bids with a time stamp of when the bid will be over.


and then theres this  bullshitary.

3. The Bullshit Bidding.
This is when sellers are placing an item on what LOOKS like a bid, but there is never bid end time.

Essentially people who use this strategy takes offer indefinitely until someone eventually meets their desired price.
Sellers also keeps past offers indefinitely and uses it as "C/O" or Current Offer to make their item look a bit more expensive.

Dont do this.
Thats not how bids work and people need to stop doing this kind of marketplace practice.

There's literally no benefit for both the buyer and sellers if the sellers use this method : 

  • Buyers get bullshitted on because they will never get the item they "bid" on because they never met the buyers ideal price.
  • Sellers also bullshit themselves because they lose C/O. There are multiple cases of where sellers hold a "C/O" for so long but eventually decide to sell the item for the last offer. However, the person who placed the offer already traded the item they offered with to another player because it's been so long. So now they go back "taking offers".

Since moat doesn't want to implement a new trading and bidding system, we as the community need to stop this stupid market practices: 
Sellers don't do this. If you want a desired price for it, communicate it to the other player, but tell them your'e willing to haggle it. If it still doesn't pique your interest, turn down that offer. 
Buyers ALWAYS ask when the bid will end. If they give you vague answers or no answer at all, don't bother wasting your time with that buyer. Odds are your'e never going to get the item.

Make smart choices when your trading gamers~

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I've been waiting for someone to spell it out like this so good on you! It's so frustrating this kind of carry on. 

I also have heard of people making up C/Os just to get a higher price... Shits a bit redicilous...

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20 hours ago, Glitched Moat.gg said:

What if u have a weapon that u really don't want to trade away cuz u wanna use the weapon and the offers are way to low?


then why would you want to take offers for the gun...? if you really dont want to trade it
and if the offers too low, just tell them the offers too low and reject the offer 😕 

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You shouldn't take offers that you don't like. If you selling a gun thats worth 100k, and you get offer for 1k, why would you take that offer? If you have a bid end time, then you would NEED to sell for that low 😕 
If you put an item for "Bid", people need to realize that putting it up for bid is a gamble.  Bids are not a way to get the most money out of the product, it's to sell the product as soon as possible. In real life auction houses, items are rarely ever sold for 100% or more then what the actual worth is.

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i like to not bid, whenever i get an item i like to decon it and gamble it away

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