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why you only kill me?

Should blinking in the t room be against the rules?

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In my opinion, no. Because if you blink into the t room as a detective you'll have to pull out your primary and since you just blinked you have to take a few frames to realize where you are and where you're looking then switch your view to anyone inside the room that may or may not be a traitor and even if you do all that first and everyone in the T room in a traitor they'll gun you down in a SECOND without thinking. so basically if you blink into a t room as a detective the traitor has 1 second or 2 more than you to gun you down which in moat is all you need really which puts you in a place where you are probably going to die unless you're playing with incompetent traitors or you're just a god, so in my opinion blinking into a t room in 100% a strategy they should play a round. If you get into the t room that's their fault regardless if it was from blink or not. PLEASE if you have different opinions comment and explain why because moat won't change this rule unless a conversations is started.

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