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I mean yeah the weapons were def fixed but what about how op they are and the economy i mean its getting really boring real quick doing the same thing everyday. But even not playing moat i have heard rumors of a wipe and have read about the corona climb which isn't a bad idea. Everyone is mostly stuck inside for this pandemic but the question im asking if anyone really cares if there's another wipe. It would probably bring back more people again on the servers since the glitch made people leave like my self.

I know people are going to tell me its not going to happen but its always an option at this point for moat.gg because im sure that most people wouldn't care if the server got wiped and then had a event happen like the corona climb.

So be aware its always possible but not certain

Also tell me about your opinions on this topic im curious of what others think

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up and out

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I think that a wipe is the best option. I know that they said there will never be another wipe but if there was people that left because of the glitch would come back. In my opinion more people will come back to moat than leave because of the wipe

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