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Your Steam ID:


Rank Applying For:


Why do you want to be promoted?:

Second times the charm haha! Well, I first submitted my promotion application after a week of getting staff, mostly because I was : 1. a bit too eager to get back the role I had before ; 2. was convinced by some other mods to see if it would come to fruition.

And in all honesty....I'm glad I didnt get moderator before. Even though I was moderator before, it has been quite some time and there were some things I have forgotten or made little mistakes. It was better that I made the mistakes as a T-Staff then as a Moderator and the learning experience was definitely something I needed as a refresher course. I do feel as if I did interact with the community much more then i had before, and maybe a bit too involved. There were moments when the responsibility you hold as "Staff" kind of escaped me, and I did get a bit carried away in some instances, but after a short reminder, I did buckle down and contributed a bit more and acted more professionally within the community, while still being friendly towards the community. I do feel as if I am ready to hold the title and responsibilities as a "Moderator" and act, not only as the fun and friendly PapaBear as most people know me, but also as a reliable and professional Moderator.

What could you further contribute towards if you were promoted?:

I would love to contribute more in the forums, but also help the community become more knowledgeable about the server rules, help clean up the discord (especially with all the bug complaints lately), and bring a sense of relief and reliability when I enter a server amongst the players who called for staff. Also, I would want to change the stigma of staff never responding to pings for help and such as well.

Do you fully understand your duties if you are promoted?:


How often will you be able to fulfill your duties if promoted?:

Going into forums and keeping the discord clean, I will be able to do everyday, if not every other day. As for logging into servers and doing in game staffing, I will still be doing that about every weekend. However, with the quarantine and virus going around, this might change as well.

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