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[Pudding Jesus] Tapioca

[Appeal][TTT][[Pudding Jesus] Tapioca]

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Your Name:

[Pudding Jesus] Tapioca

Your Steam ID:


Which server where you banned on?:

TTT #1

Staff Member that Banned You:


Ban Reason:

Purp RDM x2 1st offense

Ban Length:

2 Days

Did you break any rules?:


What Happened:

I have absolutely no idea what happened, it says I was banned today (3/23/2020) even though the last game I played was at 1 am, I know for a fact nothing of the sort for RDM occured, I dont understand how this even happened, I was just trying to log on and was notified I was banned, no prior talking to from anyone, mods, trial mods, anyone.


Have you read over our rules?:


Do you regret doing what you did?:


Do you promise not to break any rules after your ban?:


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