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Your Name:


Your Steam ID:


Which server where you banned on?:

TTT 24/7 Minecraft #2

Staff Member that Banned You:


Ban Reason:

Perp RDM 1st off

Ban Length:


Did you break any rules?:


What Happened:

First rdm, was jumping from a vent, i seen a T buddy walk the corner as i landed freaked out and shot him, asked him after to report me. which they did, i reponed saying slay me, becuase i acc rdm'd him
next round i seen someone get stabbed and someone else watch, i killed both one T and one inno (who was afk apparently?). got instantly banned after for perp rdm.


Have you read over our rules?:


Do you regret doing what you did?:


Do you promise not to break any rules after your ban?:


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When reported you should explain why you killed somone, not simply say slay me, since that implies you just rdmd him for the heck of it, the ban has been extended another day due to you killing somone for "knifing" somone, yet noone was knifed.

Original ban expired, 2nd kill denied.

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