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Your Name:


Your Steam ID:


Which server where you banned on?:


Staff Member that Banned You:


Ban Reason:

Purp RDM

Ban Length:

2 Days

Did you break any rules?:


What Happened:

As shown from the evidence logs, I killed two teammates that day. One of them being GUNSILENCE, (Who I have no relation to him other then when reported him to discord the other day), Who Purp. Rmded me the last round, and someone in the chat said to just kill him next round if you see him. I now understand that this is not allowed, but forgive me before thinking that it was if he was rdming. The second teammate kill I made was most definately NOT purposeful, as I learned my lesson LAST TIME I got banned never to that again. What happened if someone gave me the chance to explain and not just ban me right away, is when using a bow weapon, to shoot, all you have to do is let go of the mouse with your finger, and sometimes for whatever reason, my computer or my internet lags and the bow just shoots out to whatever direction. After this happened I believe I apologized to the person I killed, and didn't use my bow after that anymore, as it is ruining my gameplay. I am very sorry that this happened, and I will never use my bow again, nor will I kill any teamate for a reason outside of the game, as stated by the rules. Next time, I will simply tell the person telling me to kill them to look over the rules. I am really trying to improve at following the rules, as I am looking to be a staff member sometime very later.


Have you read over our rules?:


Do you regret doing what you did?:


Do you promise not to break any rules after your ban?:


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Revenge rdm is never okay, make a report or call staff, since you didnt respond when the staff member contacted you through a steam friend request, you didnt get a chance to defend yourself.

Ban expired/denied.

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