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Weeb Is A Sad Cat

The Roll Back Problem

Feedback Post

Well He did one of the things no one wanted which was a rollback, which removed half of people guns and items they got, even non-glitched ones, People lost their IC and anyone who bought SC (me) during the time did not get it back which moat basically took our money at that point. A roll back was one of the worse things he could of done, you could of just removed all the guns but but he didnt and just rolled it back, hell I wanted a wipe because of how much the server broke. The roll back probably would make even more people leave than a wipe. It's going to kill any new players and destroy the poor people who actually had guns for the first time. The thing is he didn't even tell people or announce it just did it.

honestly im pissed and so are a lot of people, hope this gets resolved or moat player base is going to take a big hit.



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3 minutes ago, -=Erissa=- Chicken Hawk moat.gg said:

wtf did you spend SC on.. there wasn't even in crates in the donation

just crates, don't judge... i got a bonus and spent some cash on moat.


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