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Your Name:


Your Steam ID:


Which server where you banned on?:Moat Server Beta #5

Staff Member that Banned You:


Ban Reason:

Detect Of Alt Account Ban

Ban Length:


Did you break any rules?:


What Happened:

friend logged onto my computer using one of his steam Account :poopystinkyboi7 on the same ip which then led to it because he purp rdmed 2 people then got banned for 2 days after he left from playing other servers i logged out of his account got on mine and got banned


My Mom

Have you read over our rules?:


Do you regret doing what you did?:


Do you promise not to break any rules after your ban?:


Edited by MasonMidgetMadness
I accidentally put discord because i was tired when i did the appeal (see edit history)

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Please contact me on discord, Maple#7933

Please post your discord id on this thread when you do so I know who I am talking to

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