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Add a 15min slow chat to WTS on Discord

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On the Discord, WTB chat has a 15min cooldown to prevent people from spamming. However, WTS chat has a 15sec cooldown. To me, this doesn't make sense as WTS chat is not only used more often than WTB, but also constantly spammed with the same message to keep advertisements current. WTB chat doesn't suffer the same problem as WTS chat of having chats being lost in the flood, as the 15min slow chat prevents it. If WTS chat were to have a 15min slow chat, it would prevent people from flooding it and losing advertisements that are not also spamming. Currently, if you try to sell an item, you have to spam it every 5 minutes or so to keep it in scrolling distance (without having to load old messages). Please add this to the discord, as it would make selling things so much easier.


 The only reason this couldn't happen, would be because of the conversations about trading that occur in WTS. This can be easily fixed with a #trade-lounge type of chat. The trade lounge wouldn't be like the old text chat where genuine trade conversation (that fits trade lounge) is flooded away with advertisements. This was counteracted in the past with the introduction of WTS and WTB chat, so people could easily trade, sell, or buy weapons with convenience. If a new trade lounge, with a strict rule of no advertising were introduced, the problem of WTS would be fixed. Players could not only buy with ease like they do currently, but sell more easily, and have trade lounge type conversations like the past. 

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On 4/20/2020 at 5:09 PM, zunas said:

If a new trade lounge, with a strict rule of no advertising were introduced, the problem of WTS would be fixed. 

please for the love of christ bring back trade lounge

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