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[Guide Event] Jester And how It Works

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Jester And How It Works

Apparently some of you still don't understand how jester works, And that's causing a lot of problems for the playerbase, especially with every round being ended due to it.


Jester was Added on the Second of May 2020. Or the 02/05/2020. 

The role of the jester is separate from Traitors and Innocents. in that you just have to get killed. Literally, Just get yourself killed by someone or something.  Jester is currently the easiest role to complete on the server.  Yet it can be incredibly difficult to get yourself killed. 

Currently you have a 25% to be jester according to moat. Meaning there's usually a jester every few rounds.  Jesters are currently the bane of the traitors. as being killed is an instant round win for the jester. Essentially ruining any chance anyone had of actually playing the round out. When you are selected as jester, your color is a light pink. You're unable to damage any player by any means. But you also can't take fall damage. which is a nice benefit. Players are unable to differentiate you as jester if you don't attack them. Leaving only pure intuition to determine you as jester. 

The jester simply has to deceive the people around him into killing him. Simple task right?  It can be a lot harder than it needs to be. Some people are already aware of the jester's deception. and are actively avoiding the impulse to start shooting them. It's up to the jester to be constantly unpredictable and continue to fool those around him. Whether it's by attempting to shoot and hoping for returning fire. to break a map tester and be killed for it .Or to simply just walk into a T Trap or explosion. the jester has a fair few methods of dying. But if you are called out as a jester, it's almost certainly the end for you. as people will actively ignore you in every situation.

How To Identify A Jester As Every Role:

As an innocent: Attempting to identify a jester as an innocent is the most difficult of the three roles. You are forced to either spot the jester messing up and damaging someone for 0. Or to use your intuition to identify the jester. Focus on how the player you suspect to be jester is acting. Are they accusing people of acts or calling false KOS? Are they going out of their way to commit Kosable acts? Always be sure to listen. Most jester's are actually called out and you didn't hear it. You can also spot a jester by watching them jump and take no damage. It's a telltale sign often ignored.

As a Traitor:  You probably have things the easiest, you can purchase a radar which will literally show you who the jester is. The jester also has a giant J above his head. Using chams as your traitor vision makes the jester glow through walls. avoiding accidentally killing him. Most jester's will start shooting at you in  gunfights. Pretty much giving themself away. As a traitor. It's hard Not to spot a jester, Yet some of you still do it. Over and Over. A great way to stop a jester is to use a biohazard ball on them and turn them into a zombie.

As a detective: You have things Pretty difficult. but you can at least purchase things on the credit store, Jester's are much more likely to target innocent's compared to detective's because most innocents are a lot more trigger happy than the detective. You're least likely to be targeted by a jester. yet you are just as unable to identify them as the innocents. You have to view how they act and react depending to it. 

What To Do With Jester

  • Call out the jester after finding them, to avoid anyone killing the jester
  • Attempt to show others the jester is that person. 
  • Bio Ball the jester.


What Not To Do With/As Jester

  • Do Not shoot anyone you suspect as jester
  • Do Not call the Jester out as any other role. 
  • Do not kill the jester if you are aware of who the jester is. this is classified as metagame and can result in a ban.



In Conclusion, The jester is an interesting addition to moat, Providing a new and unique threat to watch out for, Relying purely on deception instead of weapons. Currently, The jester needs a major overhaul as is the general consensus of the community. Potential ideas of improvements are:

  • Removing the jester.
  • Making the timer run down instead of instantly ending the game.
  • Or killing the person who kills the jester.

If you  agree with the joker needing a rework please give this guide an agree.

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I actually enjoy the jester mechanic, adds a it more of awareness between players, Ts cannot use traps that work automaticaly and innos must watch out with the kill intent. i think overall makes for how easy is to lose a round just because of people who got tricked, and i am fine with that.

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Time to kill is too fast on Moat to turn around and check the name to verify whether the stormtrooper behind you with bad aim is actually trying to kill you or not. TTC is made so that if you are level 10 and have a sense of the game, you can help distinguish between T or jester. There are plenty of level 1s killing jesters and having the jester immediately end the round sucks for Ts who have been waiting for their T round...

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Finally someone made a guide for this, I hope a lot of people see it, I can’t count how many T rounds were ruined for me. 

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