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Forsty Snowman

[Guide Event] A brief guide on how to item versus

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As you can tell from the title this will be brief and just to get it out of the way you should only do an item versus if you trust the other player and are 100% willing to lose the item you put up for gamble without complaining how it wasn't fair.


An item versus (or vs which i will refer to it as for the rest of this guide) is where two players enter a trade and wager an item against the other persons offer, the prices of each item have to be equal for it to be valid the most common type of vs are cosmic item vs such as these:


I lost both of these vs (clearly rigged) but not that upset at all. 

How to set up an item versus

To set up an item vs a player would send a friend or a person responding to a question such as "anyone down for a [rarity] vs?" a trade and each player would select an item of the same price range they are willing to vs (see above), the players will then send a message such as bo1 or bo3 (best of 1 or best of 3) and if they agree to it they will do an empty trade and hopefully back it up with screenshots (this saves the conversation in the logs) they will send another trade that is empty opening with gl or something along those lines a set player will put up a 1 ic gamble and the other participant will join and who ever loses that gamble will put their cosmic in an empty trade and give it to the other person with a gg or sorry.

Risks of participating in an item vs

the main risk of an item vs is definitely regret if you are a "poorer player" or a player who is attached to a gun and lose the item you are wagering it can feel very sad and cause you to either quit playing for a while or  demand a rematch and lose more items in the pursuit of greed. Another risk of an item vs is the value you could either double your profit or lose it all so i would suggest not  participating in a cosmic item vs if you own at least 3 cosmics and would mind tanking a hit of 200 - 800k in one gamble. The final risk i can think of are scammers i have been scammed in an item vs twice however because of trade logs and screenshots the scammer was banned because he couldn't pay the appropriate amount.

My personal experience

my personal experience with item versus is a mixed one i have lost 30 - 50 cosmic item vs and won approx. 30 versus so i guess i have broken even as i have not stooped into debt or became a mg millionaire but i cant recommend trying an item vs enough even if it is just ascended the joy you feel when watching the versus spin land on your profile picture is ecstatic.


Make sure you are smart about how you do any trades let alone item vs you should back up trade logs the can be accessed by yourself and moderators+ by typing !trades. People wont gather proof for you so use shadow play or take screenshots at crucial parts of game play involving trading or any type of vs as players who are salty at losing an item will sometimes abandon the server and not give you an item at all and you wont get any compensation from staff or players alike.


In conclusion item versus is a fun and exiting twist on gambling on moat.gg servers with an increased risk and higher reward. but only participate if there is a member of staff online, you trust the player, can back up with evidence as mentioned above or have a lot of cosmics that you wouldn't mind losing if you failed.


-Forsty snowman (me)

-Gaming Baws (nonce)

-Not  A Random Person (rigs vs)

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