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A guide for weapon statistics

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Hello I am IICE, and I've prepared a guide for you and anyone you care to share it with. To start off, whenever you attain a new gun, it will have stats and sometimes talents aswell. Stats are ranges of how good a gun could be. For instance if you gun has a percentage next to its damage, that is referred to the damage stat. This percentage Shows how much your damage stat has improved. Here is an image for example:   lQzjVFa.jpg

When you hold ctrl the "(14 to 23)" will appear. This represents the minimum and maximum that your guns damage gets increased. Every rarity of gun will have a different set of numbers for its ranges. This is the same for Every single stat, even the bar stats which are the green bars with a name. The higher the bar is the less there is of that topic, such as, "Kick." Since the stat is entirely full there is almost no kick, or reduced by 21.2% kick.

The way you can tell if something is being reduced is by seeing if there is a plus or a minus representing the percent. Seen here:   stat.png.7a5f7a8e49c76850f52a9f8c36b45ccd.png

As you can see, each percentage (which is the final number on the right) either has plus or a negative in front of it. This means there is something added such as accuracy, or something removed, such as kick or weight.


Each gun past tier one, or white, should automatically have a talent (unless of course it is a specific gun like a meme weapon or a melee weapon.) talents are specific abilities that can make you gun do more damage, make you quicker, or heal you. These talents are divided into three sections |Tier 1| Tier 2| Tier3

Tier 1 talents are most often abilities that make you gun better, a few great talents are ones such as:

•Focus: makes you do more base damage,

•Accuracy: makes your gun more accurate (wow i had no idea!)

•Penetration: makes either detective armor or traitor armor useless. All of these are tier 1 talents which make you or your gun better

Tier 2 talents are talents that are either passive or attained by killing people, these are generally better than tier 1 talents. Such Tier 2 talents are:

Medicality: gives you 1hp each (1-3) seconds

Boom: every second there is an explosive round fired that can do anywhere from 13.37 damage to 40 damage

Heavy: Your mag size is increased by anywhere from 15  to 40%

Tier 3 talents are talents that mostly work like this: each hit has a % chance to do this much damage x for this many seconds x. Such Tier 3 talents are:

•Lich: Each hit has a (5-15%) chance to heal (15-40) health over (30-50) seconds

•Newton: Each hit has a (5-15%) chance to push someone with (10-100) newtons of force

•Phoenix: Each hit has a (5-10) chance to ignite someone for (2-10) seconds dealing 1 damage every .2 seconds

          You will see a rarity of weapon that has a rainbow fading item rarity titled "Planetary." These weapons are just unique weapons that have a second tier 3 talent and cosmic stats. Each Talent above pink; High end(Red), Ascended(Gold), Cosmic(Green), or even Planetary(A Rainbow Fade), all have their own mutators, these mutators can either mutate the stats of your weapon or the talents. Beware though if you mutate your weapons talents, the level of your weapon will reset losing you progress, so only do this if the talents are really bad! Another reminder mutating your gun does not guarantee that your stats can be better, it just rerolls them.

    Q      Why does my gun only have x talents?
    A       Certain guns such as the misicordia or the sglento are unique guns that are either only allowed one talent or aren't allowed any

    Q     Why does my gun not have a bar stat/rpm/damage/mag stat?
    A      Every time a gun is dropped there is a small chance that it is missing a certain stat

    Q     Why does this mutator not work on my gun?
    A      This often means that the gun you have is too high of a rarity to mutate that gun, meaning, each gun needs its own rarity or higher.

    Q    How do extinct weapons work?
    A    Extinct weapons are weapons that are only dropped from holiday or events, they are often from crates but can be obtained from after round drops, they are also often matched to a               certain rarity of normal item, you can usually tell if it is by how many talents it has or by its stat range.




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