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[Guide Event] To catch a traitor - For beginners

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If you have played on any TTT server you can probably recognise most of these actions, but if not you could learn something new have a read.

Here are ways to tell if someone might be a traitor given locations they  stay  around, what they do, and how they act  when they know they have an audience and cant do anything traitorous.

Do NOT kill players that you suspect are traitors  unless you have a valid reason to do so. (a valid kill if they are a traitor and  not t-baiting)

ways to identify a Traitor (T)

How a Traitor Typically Moves:

So i want you to think back and remember when you last played as a Traitor,  When you are a Traitor you aren't worried that someone will kill you. (besides a degenerate committing RDM )

So as an Innocent terrorist (Inno/Innos):

       - Innos keep your Distance If a player comes up to you, back off or run away.

       - Innos should be Vigilant : You should keep checking traitor doors from a distance to see if a traitor would open it with. 

       - Innos should follow a Group of players or a detective but if they ask you to stop in chat or voice you should so you wont be killed by the people you are following and if they allow you to                   stay with them you will have an edge against a Traitor Traitors look for innocents that are alone in the map or near tight and enclosed spaces like hallways and doorways out of the view                 of other players.

       - Innos will be obviously more willing to Test however a Traitor is likely to shoot immediately after being asked to test or will run away to not be found out.

       - Innos tend to Avoid places that a traitor would most likely be in or put you at risk such as an open area with lots of nearby vantage points for a traitor to aim at you. For an example in                         minecraft_b5 a traitor is likely to camp in the nether as there is only one entrance for innocents to enter.

Some of  the things an Innocent would normally do that the Traitor would not.

Examples of situations:

             Situation A) Player #1 is camping in a corner watching the rest of the players from a safe distance, suddenly Player #2 moves in player #1's direction and Player #1 moves out of the                             corner to avoid a possible gunfight or a sly bullet to the head from behind.  [Player #1 is likely the Innocent player in this situation]

             Situation B) A person walks in to a room with a group of other players inside, for an example a tester room,  and is asked to test. The person who entered the room then leaves this would                 make him appear suspicious (sus).  [This player is likely Traitor]


How To Act: You don't have to follow this list exactly, do what you can given your situation that makes you look as Innocent as possible.

1) Always try to move around as much as possible to turn the tides and get the kill on the traitor in case they shoot at you but cant hit a clean shot because you are moving.

2) If you suspect two or more players are traitors in the same area try and keep your FoV so you can see all suspected players at once.

3) Ask them to test. Do not kill them for this reason but tell other players. 

4) Say "[players name] is suspicious no kos.". So other players are aware of the situation.

5)Avoid small cramped spaces such as corridors, small rooms (eg a bathroom) and doorways.

6) Try to never show anyone your back lest you end up with a knife or a bullet in it, so try to keep your back facing walls or an are where there are very few players.

7) Stay near a detective or a person who as been proven as an innocent via a tester or by killing a traitor as these people are incredibly unlikely to shoot at you.

This guide is meant to be for newer players looking for advice or a brief introduction to the basic game mode. Thanks for the read.

go check out mine and gaming baws other guides and also my owm personal idea in new features it is called kill counter. thanks in advance



- Gaming Baws

- Forsty Snowman

-StevenInfinite: suggestions

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Hey I saw something like this a while ago.
One thing I recommend is to make it more clear by adjusting the size of the titles to be larger

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