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[Guide Event] Basics of PC'ing

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Basics of Price Checking

Understanding PC

To understand how PC’ing works, you must first understand that PC is an educated estimate of the value of the gun. Due to the nature of humans, it is skewed towards people’s opinions and views of a variety of factors. This creates a difference in between two different PCs. Thus, the question is which PC is right? The answer is both because the PC is influenced by the PCer’s opinions on several factors. Now, there are ridiculous PCs, but it is important to get multiple PCs on your item to get a better estimate on the value of your item.


What Influences the PC?

There are numerous factors that influence the PCs. The following list is examples (if not entire list of factors):

  • Supply and Demand

    • If supply is greater than the demand, PC tends to be lower.

    • If demand is greater than the supply, PC tends to be higher. 

  • Tier of Item

    • Is it high-end, ascended, cosmic, or planetary?

  • Type of Item

    • Certain types of items tend to be more popular than others or are considered to be more OP than others.

    • I.e. M4A4 tends to go for higher PC values than M14A1. 

  • Stats and Talents

    • The better the stats and talents are, the higher the PC will be.

    • I.e. An AK with good trigger, sustain, and frost will fetch higher PC value than an AK with despair, speedforce, and newton. 

    • In certain circumstances, the PC can be skewed towards how easy it is to mutate the gun in determining the value of the weapon.

  • Rarity and Similarity of an Item

    • This comes back to supply and demand where certain items are hard to obtain, which can increase the value of the item themselves.

    • Certain items are the same and tend to have the same value such as high end mutators. 


How to practice PC’ing?

Look at an item, ask yourself how much you would pay for it, and ask a reliable PC’er for back up opinion. Practice makes perfect. Furthermore, everybody has to start somewhere. Each item that enters moat comes with its own factors on determining its value.

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