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[Guide Event] How to save up IC (for newbies)

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Note: Although it says 'for newbies' in the title, I recommend this guide to anyone that is level 5-30, and has at least SOME experience in Moat.gg


Inventory Credits (or IC for short) is a form in game currency that can be used to purchase virtually anything , from weapons, to cosmetics, to crates, and even favors from other players in Moat.gg. Just like in the real world, in order to gain massive amounts of IC you have to be smart when it comes to saving it. You can get IC from many things in Moat, from doing your dailies, gambling, deconning useless items, to even buying it with your own money.  Unless you are big into gambling the IC you already have (very risky) or spending your own money, usually to earn huge sums of IC you're going to have to grind for it, and depending on how much IC you are trying to save up to, this can be a process that can take days to even months. In this guide I am going to show you how to gain the most IC in the shortest amount of time (excluding gambling or using real world money). 

Get VIP 

For those of you that don't know, VIP is basically something that gives you special in game privileges that normal players don't have, such as being able to votekick or have more of a say in map votes. The main reason why VIP is great for saving IC is that you get 50% more IC when deconning items (more on that later).  There are two ways to get VIP, first you can pay real world money to buy it, or you can simply buy a VIP token and use it on yourself. Currently as I am writing this, VIP tokens usually go for more than 50k (usually 70-90). Although it might seem counter intuitive to buy something relatively expensive when you are trying to save, but I can assure you that the long term benefits from VIP will get you much more IC than what you initially lost. 


Decon anything and everything that isn't of value

Sometimes when a round ends, immediately after you may or may not receive random items that are known as 'end of round drops'. The items that you get vary in quality, but the tiers that they are usually in are between worn-specialized, with the occasional high end or ascended, and in very rare instances comics or planetaries. (YOU WILL NOT RECEIVE ANY END ROUND DROPS IF YOU ARE AFK). Most of the items that fall into the worn-high end range, unless they are really good, should be deconned. Deconning items is really simple, just right click on the item, and hold the red decon bar until it is full and then YEET, the item is no more and you get some IC.


You can also mass decon by  holding control and clicking on all the items you wish to send to the 5th dimension, and click the decon button at the bottom.


Note: If an item is deconned, it is gone forever and there is no possible way of recovering it. If you have a valuable item that you do not wish to accidentally decon, click the 'lock' button. 


The amount of IC you can get from an item depends on what tier it is, and there will be a set range for how much IC you can get depending on this tier. The lower the tier, the smaller the range is. For example, the range of IC you can get from deconning a high end if you have VIP is 1800-3600 IC, while with a worn is it only 10-20 (without VIP these ranges would be significantly less, this is why I recommend getting VIP). You should also not only decon useless items that you get in end round drops, but also random items sitting in your inventory that you never use. The more IC you can get, the better. Also, unless the item in question is exceptionally bad or useless, you should probably not decon any items that are ascended or up, as you could possibly make way more IC selling them. Get the item PC'd on discord, and sell it for that price. 

Try to complete as many dailies as you can!!!!

If you are an experienced player, this should be a no-brainer, however if you are relatively new to the server here is what dailies are: 


Dailies (or bounties) are tasks that the server gives you (ex: Kill 10 innos as a traitor) and they change every 24 hours. You can access them by clicking 'I' and then open dailies by pressing the 'dailies' tab.  In return for completing these bounties, the server rewards you with IC and sometimes a high end (remember, if the high end isn't good, decon it). The harder the dailies are, the more IC you will be rewarded for your efforts. The color that surrounds these dailies of indicative for how difficult they are (Gray= Easy, Purple= Medium, Green= Hard). 


I am not going to say what each specific bounty is or how to complete it, as that would be a completely different guide, but needless to say if you complete most/even all of these dalies consistently you can make as much as 30-50k a day, which over time will accumulate to a huge sum of IC. No matter how noobish you are, even if you don't want to become VIP, AT LEAST try to complete as many dailies as you can everyday, it will pay off immensely. 

Do not compulsively spend or gamble IC

Just as there are compulsive spenders and gamblers in real life, so are there in Moat. For one, if you are trying to save IC, gambling is bad, especially when its with large sums of IC. Sure there are plenty of people that have made a lot of IC off of it, but there are so many more that got chewed up and spat out, and if that happens to you you'll be back at square one. It is a bad investment and most of the time the risk isn't even worth the reward, so again don't gamble unless you're a steady hard that doesn't care about saving IC, in which case you shouldn't even be reading this. Also, don't spend your IC on a bunch of junk you aren't going to use, unless the person is selling it for a really good deal and you could potentially make a whole lot more IC selling it. All of your efforts should go to making that IC number bigger and bigger, any item that you spend valuable IC on for it to just sit in your inventory is a waste. 

One more thing you can do!

This is just something you can do too make a little bit more IC , but it only works if you have VIP, if you don't it would be a bad investment. Make an advertisement and put in in your game chat, offering to buy any high ends for 2.5k and ascendeds for 16k. Once you buy them, decon. Since the range for IC you can get for deconning a high end is 1.8-3.6k if you have VIP, it is likely you will make more IC deconning the high end than what you bought it for, same can be said for an ascended. Not only will you make more IC when you decon them, but theres also a chance you could get a high end stat/talent mutator (usually goes for 5k) or an ascended stat/talent mutator (usually goes for 30-45k, depending on the economy or how badly the person wants it). 

Thanks for reading and I hope this helps! 


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There was a thread made recently about how making IC was hard and there should be more opportunities to make some, 30-50k per day is a decent amount of IC, if you grind out dailies for 2 weeks you make 700k during that time, and that’s not including the high ends you get during that time that can be deconned, most likely for an additional 15-20k per 12 dailies. You can probably make roughly a million in 2 weeks. 

That’s just pure IC, that’s not including items you could potentially buy and trade up for a higher value item, thus making profit. 

Nicely done with this, even if it doesn’t win I’m gonna link it to people asking about how to make IC. 

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1 hour ago, Pepper ⌐╦╦═─ said:

Another way to save ic is to not waste money on crates, just buy the gun you want lol

i personally would rather spend millions to unbox my dream weapon than buy it from someone on the discord

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53 minutes ago, nashradical said:

i personally would rather spend millions to unbox my dream weapon than buy it from someone on the discord

I agree with Nash, I'd rather gamble on crates than buy it off the discord from somebody who'll mass overprice it.

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imagine having purple and black textures lol. Only problem I see is compulsive gambling i cant help myself when i see them

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