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[Guide Event] Paints, Tints, & Skins

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Paints, Tints, & Skins


Skins: This usable will put a skin on your item (will cover up paints)

Paints: This usable will paint your item the color it says (will cover up skins)

Tints: This usable will tint the item including the paint or tint you have on it.


How to Preview & Use: (You must have the skin/paint/tint)

STEP 1: Right click the skin/paint/tint you wish to use/preview


STEP 2: Click "Use" and choose the weapon you would like to use/preview


 STEP 3: To preview click on the gun 



 STEP 4: Press the X


STEP 4: If you wish to use it on that gun click apply if you dont hit cancel


Special Step: If you wish to add a skin to a non gun go to Settings>Dev>Turn the allow more items to be skinned on


(Can be dangerous because some items dont work correctly, i.e. zelda model only does eyes)

RARITIES & Usual Prices:

Worn: Skins (price: decon to 400 if buyer really wants)

Standard: Skins (price: decon to 1k if buyer really wants)

Specialized: Skins | Paints | Tints (price: decon to 1.2k if buyer really want)

Superior: Skins | Paints | Tints (price: decon to 2k if buyer really wants)

High End: Skins (price: decon to 10k usually 5k)     |||       Paints | Tints (price: decon to 5k)

Ascended: Skins (price: 25k to 50k)    |||     Paints | Tints (price: decon to 25k)

Cosmic: Skins (price: offers)   |||    Paints | Tints (price: decon+)

Planetary: Skins | Paints | Tints (offers)



Pure Black Tint: Ascended (price: 25k-45k) much wanted tint


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