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Found and fixed a bug that didn't let me join the server

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A while ago, whenever I tried to join any Moat servers, it always hanged on "Starting lua" with the animated Moat logo forever.

After some testing, I found out the problem is in the config files, specifically this file (steamapps\common\GarrysMod\garrysmod\cfg\client.vdf). When I deleted this file, I was able to join Moat servers again. But it also deleted client settings as that's where it's stored.


And a while later, a similar issue popped up, but a little different. It hanged whenever I tried to join non-EU Moat servers, EU servers worked fine.

This time, I went a little deeper, and I found the specific line in client.vdf that caused the issue.

    "moat_auto_deconstruct_special" "1"

Deleting this line or setting the value to 0 fixed the issue for me. Hope this can help @cole or whoever is working on the the backend.

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