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[Guide Event] F1 Menu

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F1 Menu

When you press F1 or FN+F1 in-game it should bring up 


There are 5 tabs. Tutorial, Settings, Damagelogs, Custom Binds, and Equipment Settings


To close just click the close bu tton in the bottom right corner of the F1 menu



This is the tutorial. It explains everything about TTT/TTC. 


There are 6 pages in here. To change pages click previous and next at the bottom of the window



These settings include Interface, Gameplay, Crosshair, and Language settings.


This lets you change your interface how you like. Many of these are self explanatory, but I'll explain that for some that arent.

The "Start of the round info" is the text that appears on the bottom middle of a screen explaining the basic role you are.

The "Minimalist Target ID" take away many on the things when looking at someone and only shows their name plus role if traitor.

"Fast weapon switch" makes it so you dont have to click when changing to a different gun. 


The 3 gameplay settings are self explanatory.

If you are in spectator mode when you join and a new round starts and you're sill spectator go to the spectate-only mode and disable it.



Play around with the cross hair and make it something you like to play with.


This changes the language of the F1 menu



The first box is for if a role kills you and it can be deemed as rdm (inno/det killing anyone and traitor killing traitor)

When you press F8 it will go to the current round/last round if the round is still going on

Custom Binds

Click the "Set Key" but ton to  bind a key to the action. The red X by it means it is on.


Damage Logs open on F8 even if the box isnt checked (most of the time)

The MGA menu can also be opend with "!menu" in chat

Weapon inspect lets you able to inspect the gun (see talents & stats)


This is the basic radio chats ppl use to call things out.


If you buy disguiser this is the key to use to enable/disable it

Equipment Settings

These settings are client side only so they dont change anyone elses.


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Pretty informative, nicely done. Taking those screenshots must have been tedious. 

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