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❤❤❤❤o everyone I just wanted to take a minute and tell you how I feel right now and other things.  I have been struggling really hard with this whole social distancing stuff not seeing my friends and family at all and I know you probably all feel the same struggle.  I just wanted to say over these past few months its been really amazing to open my eyes to the community of moat.  It just really warms my heart to see everyone in the discord server and in game always having a positive attitude.  I've made many new friends over moat and it means a lot to me considering I really don't have a lot of friends at all.  All I wanted to say to everyone who is reading is that I know its tough to not see your friends and family but if you got others to help you through these times it makes is a whole lot better.  I love all of you guys and hope everyone has an amazing day 🥰

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Always here for you and anyone else, these are tough times so its always nice to have a distraction and to hang with friends online.

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