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PSA: this is where Moat gets all the gun models

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Was looking at some stuff about Chinese PDWs and I discovered this, if the gun isn't from counter strike source, they probably got it from this mod. If future guns are added, expect them to come from here. 


Here's a link to the pictures of each gun


Anyways, just a lil price of info to keep y'all entertained



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Congratz you discovered the steam workshop o.o , they have the playermodels , cosmetics (some are custom made for moat by a paid modeler) , and if you ever heard of PAC3 you can create some nice stuff with it o.o

EDIT: Here is some of the guns used 





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This isn't all the guns. Its like 85% of them. Even then not all are used. But yeah.....steam workshop is a wonderful place. Although its not hard to model low poly guns for gmod. I'm rigging a character model currently and thinking of rigging a gun (which literally takes 15mins top).

Gratz on the find i guess

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