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New gun?

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So i was thinking of the possibility of a new gun. A pistol to be more precise. The new gun is the 007 Golden eye pistol. I already have a model for it, however the part i'm wanting to know is should it be the traditional 1 bullet per mag (shoot 1 bullet then have to reload) like the original gun is, or modify it to meet the standards of ttt and make it a 7-10 round gun?

spacer.pngI can model the reload of the gun, but i need to know if its a singular bullet or a full mag. I guess that's up to the community but keep in mind, if its 1 bullet it will need amazing stats to counter balance the low mag requirement. 

Rarity and stats can come later, but now i just want to know is this a wanted idea. Pics below for the model

EDIT 1 - so the idea of it becoming a event round/wacky round came up. i think that would be cool. it would essentially be one in the chamber but without the 3 life restriction. so TDM or FFA but 1 round reloads

Screenshot (343).png

Screenshot (344).png

Screenshot (345).png

Screenshot (346).png

Screenshot (347).png

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This is a Wacky Round / Event Round I can get behind.


I'm not sure if I really like this as an actual weapon, but this could make a real fun event round imo. Assuming its played like it is in Goldeneye / Goldeneye Source. In that case, I'm all in on this idea being added.

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I'm not really open to the idea of this gun having 7 bullets as it can only hold one let alone the fact its made out of a lighter and a pen a cigarette case, not to mention the fact it fires in hollow point which already does enough damage as it is and reloading 7 bullets with the gun itself would be a pain in the ❤❤❤ because you have to slide them in and sliding in one is quick enough.

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