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Talent Ideas

Feedback Post

T3 Rend - On hit you have X% chance to cause your target to bleed for X amount of seconds doing X amount of damage.  This also leaves a blood trail to your target.

T2 Pickle Rick - Your weapon has a X% chance to shoot pickles at your enemy doing X amount of damage.

T1  Selector Switch - This allows you to choose between semi auto,  burst, or full auto with your weapon. (Gun only)

T2 gory mess - On hit you have a chance to disable a players movement and on kill they become a  pile of gore making the body not id able.

T1 Hawk Eye - This increases the range on you weapon by X%

T2 Juggernaut- increases your damage and health by 5% to 25% but reduces your movement speed by 15% to 30%.

T1 Precision - When you stop moving completely your weapon does 15% to 20% more damage.

T2 Protection- When you kill a player you get a damage reduction buff that stacks 3 times.  5% to 10% damage reduction    5 Seconds to 15 Seconds. (Better fort)

T2 Sight of hand- When you reload your weapon it has a chance to reload faster.

T3 Beyond the Grave - on death you have a chance X chance to drop an explosive doing 10 damage to 40 damage. ( Damage is reduced to your other innocents or T's)

T2 Scavenger - When you kill another player they drop X amount of ammo on the ground

T1 Armor - The first 5 shots that hit you do 10% to 20% reduced damage

T1  Press The Attack - every 3 hits on your target gives you a  60% chance to do 20% to 25% more damage. (LOL the name)

T1 Stockpile- Every kill you get grants you 5% extra damage and stacks until the end of the round.

T1 Ice Ray on hit it slows its target and others around them (except for T buddies)

T2 Victory Rush - When you kill a traitor or detective you instantly gain back 40% to 60%   (Again lol nerd is showing)

T2 Execution - When a player is below 25% health a melee attack from behind or a hit to the head can finish them off. (Melee only)

T1 Consistency -  hitting a target in the same spot 3 times or more increases the damage given by 30%

T2 Hax - On hit you have a chance to Shoot a monitor at a  player doing 10 to 45 damage.

T2 Revive -  When you kill a traitor or detective you have the ability to revive 1 player of your choice but they have to be your t buddy or inno.








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rend is good

pickle rick is good

selector switch is completely broken on certain guns, and probably cause a ton of argument/work to figure out what it should be disabled on, etc.

gory mess sounds annoying. maybe just slow their movement speed a lot, and if the proc chance was really low.

hawk eye sounds interesting, but personally i wouldnt like more useless talents.

juggernaut sounds interesting, may need a small rework on the numbers but an interesting concept.

precision just sounds like another situational and useless talent. even if you were to increase the damage buff, a lot of people still wouldnt probably like as movement is a huge factor in gameplay.

protection is just a fortification rework? whats the point of making a brand new talent when we should just rework the current one. which is needed.

slight of hand could be really nice as a t1 or t2. except if it activated every single reload and it was maybe like 30-50% faster reload.

beyond the grave sounds cool af. maybe rename it to martyrdom or something and change the damage range from 15-35.

scavenger is just vulture but more useless... infact vulture was actually named scavenger before moat changed it. theres already the reload feature so this is useless.

armor sounds pretty overpowered and less of a talent and more of a powerup. a talent is a function based around the gun that would buff the player or the gun itself.

press the attack just seems like a reworked provident? seems weird to add another bad talent. :(

stockpile seems to look like a reworked steroids, but is more interesting. 5% however is slightly overpowered for a damage buff that can last until the end of the round. maybe if the stat range was reworked to 2-4%.

ice ray just seems like frost? i can see why you'd want to slow everyone with a t1 talent but it would be fairly broken since you would be able to get ice ray on worn weapons. keeping the frost talent on ascended and above tiers was a good idea since its a 3rd tier talent. other than that, i'd say we should just keep frost since it's already a great talent.

victory rush sounds interesting. but i'd say its completely situational, as it can be incredibly useful on high population servers and near useless on lower population servers. i can see some people enjoying this talent and some people hating getting this talent. also i'd rework the amount of health obtained.

execution seems really useless. most of the good melees can do 20-25 damage already. also if someone was that low, i'd rather use my primary or secondary to kill them. im not sure in what situation you would have to go melee only. this just seems like a useless melee-only talent.

consistency sounds really broken and kind of strange and pointless.  it seems like a combination of the PEW talent and focus/brutal/steroids, but it doesnt really work.

hax sounds kind of fun, a monitor though? a monitor might be too big of an object and might lag servers or something lol.

reviving has been suggested in the past, and i think its been ignored. also i'd prefer to keep it that way personally. again this feels like something that should be a t/d weapon or a powerup, but not a talent.

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To be honest half of these are very redundant for example revive, hax, consistency, execution and victory rush. Others like stockpile would be very over powered in a good traitors hands and kinda ruin the game for anyone hoping to kill that T running around with petentionally a two tap beast mode *shudders* 

Some are atcually kinda intresting like from the grave, rend, Hawkeye. Ultimately very creative and well thought out plus one my dude +1



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@zoinccs  I know some of the ideas are kinda iffy but i kinda figured throwing new ideas for talents while being creative in some way wouldn't be a bad idea even though some of them are situational.

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i honestly really want to see rend and beyond the grave implemented because both sound pretty cool and it would help spice things up and sight of hand would be another neat talent i would want to see

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