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A Really Bad Dragon

any news on the current state of the server

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i know that bugs like these can take time to fix, and i know you're trying to fix it. However it's been well over 24 hours since the inventories stopped working for most of the community, and the servers have gone down multiple times as well. All we've heard from the staff team was 1 message in announcements that summed up to "we know its a thing, now stop asking about it" it provided the minimum possible information on the issue. The community is currently going insane since nobody has any idea what is going on and are afraid that their inventories could be gone forever. 

in times like these in a community where it seems like things are falling apart in my opinion its counter productive when the people at the top aren't saying anything to help calm people down. nobody has any idea what is going on since the only information we've received didn't answer anything. i think that the dev team should come out and give the community at least a little information on the current state of the server and how things are going in terms of a fix. it would be unreasonable to ask for an exact ETA but if its possible to provide a rough one i think the community would really appreciate it.

the only reason i made this was because i believe that the community deserves at least a little information on how things are going. not trying to be disrespectful or impatient since i know, and i think most of the community does too, that it probably isn't an easy fix.

thank you for trying to fix the issues with the server, have a nice day 😄

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