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So here's my quick ana-lysis on what seems to be currently happening (Since official channels don't actually give details.). I'm posting this to hopefully inform the community so we can agree to what resolution we would prefer (Last time there was no communication and too much time had passed before anyone knew what was really going on. If staff responds to this with more accurate details I will update accordingly.)

1. Server bug, inventories corrupted? (This sucks! we should probably stop the game and restore from the most recent backup while we fix the bug. This should mean people only lose about 24 hours of progress at worst assuming nightly backups are being taken.)

2. Suddenly people get fresh inventories, but pre-wipe items (not the most recent version of their inventories) are being imported into 'new' inventories. (So we didn't restore from backup, we instead started fresh and started to import the oldest backup of the inventories instead?) 

3.  This does let people play the game and accumulate new items, that's cool HOWEVER it doesn't actually work like that assuming they want their old items back. Because pre-wipe inventory items were imported into the 'old' inventory and they also (Hopefully, should have) already existed in the most recent back up of the inventories there is now no easy way to combine the 'new' and 'old' inventories without duplicating items. This is especially true when considering people may have traded those items. (The import would then have to compare item ID's against every existing item and negate those already in an inventory, hopefully it's in the right inventory at least.)


The most viable options as of right now seem to be:

a. Revert to just the latest backup. (This would cause people to loose the last ~48 hours of progress (This only grows the longer we wait to decide to do this.). I think most players would prefer this earlier rather than later. This options also has the lowest risk of causing  further issues like those we have seen in the past.)


b. Import the most recent backup into the 'new' existing version of inventories. (This would probably create a bunch of duplicate items, if not cause other issues.)

c. A majority of players only get back their pre-wipe recovered items and have lost ~6 months of playtime. (This option sounds pretty bad, but somehow it has happened before.)



I hope this is informative to the community, owners, and staff as to what the current situation looks like.

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18 minutes ago, D͚̞̞̤̓r̟̣̫̘͖.̣̤̰̠͉̖̲T̆ͤ̓ said:

So here's my quick ana-lysis

i think u mean ❤❤❤❤-ysis

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