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[Stabidy][Other TTT Violation]

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we were playing on office on round #12. i was an innocent and stabidy was a detective. BlueJax (the guy i killed) said in voice chat that they had killed an innocent, and then repeated that statement one more time. i asked for confirmation on the statement and BludJax said " yes i killed an inno, you can kill me but you will lose karma". hearing this i found him and shot him in the head, causing instant death. when he died before i even had a chance to identify the body stabidy killed me. when i reported stabidy for doing this his response to the report was something along the lines of "he was in the room with me and the other detective the entire time!". seeing as the guy i killed had said three times that he had killed an innocent and stabidy appeared to ignore the man saying that, i decided to not forgive him and got death to take the report. death then over the course of the next 9 rounds went through everything and tried to tell me that since stabidy wasnt paying attention to the round and didnt listen to the guy saying he killed an innocent, stabidy killing me was rightful in the situation. i thought that was incorrect so i responded to him and told death that in the rules it says that you need to let someone id the body first before you kill them and stabidy did no such thing. death proceded to not do anything until after the map changed, where he told me that he couldnt even slay stabidy if he wanted to since he was a higher up, with no comment from stabidy the entire time.






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