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[Staff Complaint][xetaray]

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Map: innocent_motel. i was standing behind the desk while there was a afk at the railing and gnahbis was in the door way to my right little bit in th hallway i couldnt see him but he kills the afk and as the shooting starts i jump over the desk and just see im looking at the afk but not shooting because he died and he looks at the unid body and turns ight going down the stairs wit no affect of bullets going over his shoulders or the body right infront of him dead right there so i killed him with no warning because he was a traitor to me. a few rounds go by and xetaray slays me for kos off locations when i did nothing wrong and was just following the rules n the discord. (Glyssa 👼 (swag)05/25/2020

If you do NOT see a fight start, you MUST warn the victor to ID the body in text chat. HOWEVER if you watch a person kill a player and they immediately walk away without making an attempt to ID the body then you can KOS without warning.
------If someone looks directly at an unid'd body then turn/run away you can also kill them without warning.<--------

What if someone initiated a gunfight for no reason?

-You SEE the fight start (“Person A” opens fire on “Person B”).....
-No prior KOS was called on “Person B” AND “Person A” does not call a KOS before shooting.....
-“Person B” did nothing traitorous that you observed to be killed.....

You CAN immediately kill without warning. Opening fire on someone for no reason is traitorous, and therefore KOS’able (rightful kills, they shot/at you or someone else)
This was a false slay and i did nothing wrong all i did was follow the rule.




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