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[Trial Staff][HomelessParty]

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In-Game Name:


Discord Username:


Your Steam ID:


Steam Profile Link:




Do you have a microphone?:


Your Time Zone:

Eastern Daylight Time (GMT-4)

Current Rank:


When are you most likely to be playing?:

I play all the time, most of the time I even stay up all night playing.

What is your total playtime?

12 Days

Do you have any administrative experience?:

I have been a t-mod on icefuse a head admin and co-owner on TPS Gaming and a moderator on Play Free RP.

Have you ever been kicked or banned from Moat TTT?:


In a minimum of 100 words, tell us about yourself and why we should approve you:

I play Gmod alot and have a playtime of 1,686 hours, 288 of which are in MOAT TTT so I have alot of experience in Gmod and TTT. I like interacting with players and helping them. I have alot of experience with adminstration and even owned a server. I like making friends and fixing relationships with those who dislike me. I love MOAT and play it as I find it more enjoyable than other TTT servers. I would like to end it off by saying I'd love to be apart of MOAT staff and I thank you for your consideration.

Are you at least 15 years or older?:


Have you been part of the community for at least 2 weeks?


Have you been part of the forums for at least 2 weeks?


Have you been kicked or banned within the past 30 days?:


Have you read and understood all of our rules?:


Do you have at least 7 days of in-game time?:


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