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[Trial Staff][Loaf Of Cat]

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In-Game Name:

Loaf Of Cat

Discord Username:

Loaf Of Cat#5128

Your Steam ID:


Steam Profile Link:




Do you have a microphone?:


Your Time Zone:

Central US

Current Rank:

VIP, Level 73.

When are you most likely to be playing?:

I'm almost always available mid day through late nights but i don't usually have a set schedule.

What is your total playtime?

19 Days

Do you have any administrative experience?:

I've been on several competitive Rainbow Six Siege teams so i've got experience with leadership and listening to orders but that's about it.

Have you ever been kicked or banned from Moat TTT?:

A couple of times a while back, I used to have anger management issues which have long been resolved.

In a minimum of 100 words, tell us about yourself and why we should approve you:

I'm a very active player who regularly puts several hours a day into this server, i enjoy playing and get along with the people on here. I've been wanting to become staff for a while now and felt like this was a good time to apply since my schedule is open. I know the rules like the back of my hand and know i'll be able to enforce them correctly. I'm a laid back dude with a lot of free time and i consider myself to be very mature considering my young age. I've had a lot of experience handling responsibility in my life and know i'll be able to handle anything that's thrown at me. I know i'll be a good addition to the staff team and appreciate you taking the time reading my application.

Are you at least 15 years or older?:


Have you been part of the community for at least 2 weeks?


Have you been part of the forums for at least 2 weeks?


Have you been kicked or banned within the past 30 days?:


Have you read and understood all of our rules?:


Do you have at least 7 days of in-game time?:


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