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Top 5 best and worst maps

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Ok so before you sh*t on me for making this list, it's just my opinion. There's gonna be a few controversial opinions on this list, too.

Honourable mentions:
ttt_summit: Really good chaotic map, didn't make the list because of how underplayed it is.

Original 67th way: I am not really a fan of any of the 67th way maps.  I can't really give a reason why.  This is also the worst of all the 67th way varients.

Top 5 best:

5. ttt_slender_v3_fix:  Awesome chaotic map.  Being a traitor on this map is so fun.  You can turn the lights off and snipe everyone easily.  This map can also be fun for innocents as well!

4. ttt_ouhhh:  This is a meme map, yet I love playing it so much.  I cannot really give a reason why.

3. Minecraft Pool: I don't remember the specific map name, but I for some reason really like this map! Probably the best of the community pool varients.

2. ttt_minecraftmotel_b2u:  This takes ttt_innocentmotel_v1 and makes it more close quarters and gives a way better tester.  I already really like inno motel and this just makes it so much better.

1. ttt_minecraft_b5: There is a really good reason there are so many servers that are exclusively this map.  This map is good for long range with the lighthouse and a few other sniping spots that aren't too hard to see.  Basically everywhere else is a really fun close quarters map.  Only gripe is the nether.  So many traitors camp there and its annoying.


Top 5 worst:

5. 2018 clue.  Honestly the worst of the 2 clues.  It just makes the map a lot bigger and makes it a lot less fun than ttt_clue_se

4. ttt_plaza_b7:  The s❤❤❤❤ is so garbage it makes it so annoying.  Everything else about this map is ok-bad.

3.  The terminal maps: I just don't like these maps.  I never really have fun playing them and I don't know why.

2.  Can't really decide on a #2, sorry.  I'll come back to this later.

1. ttt_crummycradle_a4.  This is the worst map ever and its so overplayed.  The amount of sniping spots that you just aren't able to see is so extremely annoying. The s❤❤❤❤ takes the terrible plaza s❤❤❤❤ and makes it worse by being able to throw people off the map.  Also there are multiple areas that are extremely easy to camp (the bar and the bread room).  I do not understand how so many people like this map.


So yeah, some people are gonna hate on me for some of these picks (especially crummycradle lol), but this is only my opinion

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My opinion on 5 worst maps:

1. Inno motel

2. Crummy Cradle

3. Clue (any kind, I DESPISE CLUE I HOPE IT DIES)

4. Terminal (I swear every round my frames drop by 15)

5.  Dolls revamped

My opinion on 5 best maps:

1. Klm_stark (love the music, but its rtved in the first round no matter what lecture I give)

2. Mehhh

3. Ouhhh

4. Sa t u r d ay Night (love it, my favorite map ever)

5.  Canyon or untextured

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Crummy cradle is easily the worst popular map and I don't even know how people can defend it when they complain about snipers camping in other maps.

Canyon's up there too but at least you can get chopper rounds 😎


I love the smoller maps, any ship is fun and mtt_resort is great.

Motel's fine, it's just playing it 24/7 that makes me barf

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I have to agree on crummycradle why is it even popular? The only fun thing to do on that map is turn bodies into bread. I'm a big fan of 67th way to me it's like the dust 2 of TTT people don't like it cause its so popular but I feel it strikes a really good balance.  It has a tester but Ts have so much power in that room with the T traps, the T rooms, and the close quarter hall ways.  While the rest of it has a sniper spots in the construction building it's a decent size. I don't know I really enjoy it. 

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