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Rank Applying For:


Why do you want to be promoted?:

I would be happy to be promoted because I feel I can help out the community a lot more than just handling the reports in the server. I feel I understand the rules enough to be able to move on to helping handle player complaints on the forums. I would also like to be able to help moderate the discord due to the current situation I feel the discord needs more attention than usual. I also feel like I can improve the community a lot more and help the community grow, that becoming a moderator can help me improve even more which then would help me improve moat as a whole.

What could you further contribute towards if you were promoted?:

If I was promoted I could further contribute in player complaints on the forums and handling situations on the discord. of course, I shall still continue playing on the server and handling my duties in-game. i also feel that me being promoted would also allow new staff members to have someone else to go to if they are in need of any guides or have some questions that need an answer.

Do you fully understand your duties if you are promoted?:


How often will you be able to fulfill your duties if promoted?:

All week when i'm aviable.

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