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Noel_22 uwu

new weapon

Feedback Post

Name: the jaeger 
rarity: cosmic

Special weapon

Fixed talent: center mass

Jaeger, would be a SR-25 with a special stat bar,  the stat bar being named penetration power/ has a 0 to 30% extra penetration, basically making it shoot through another player and has a chance to hit the guy on the other side,  it would have accuracy, weight, range, and kick stats aswell, would have 50-60 dmg rpm 250-300 and mag 2-4 , chance of dropping it would be a very low chance, like 3% or something, and can only be obtained from the titan, or auqa palm crate


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a weapon that has the opportunity to crossfire even when you hit the right target is an awful idea

this would cause a ton of rdm in tighter maps or in areas with a lot of people

for the stats, 50-60 damage at 250-300 rpm is INSANE even with only 4 shots in the mag. people with good aim will demolish servers with this weapon at close and long range, and those with bad aim will complain that the mag size needs a buff 

also a 3% chance to drop a cosmic is SUPER high 

the chance to drop a cosmic out of an aqua palm is .02% and for titan is .12% upping that to 3% would make this thing drop like crazy


there are way too many problems with this idea 



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A weapon isn’t supposed to be sided though nor  should it have a stat unique to it. I have a high-end meme SR with high RPM and i’m pretty sure it doesn’t even reach 200 plus 50-60 damage means it could theoretically one tap whilst still having an rpm higher than a meme variant of the weapon. Having a weapon be buffed in every category and then majorly nerfed in mag size isn’t a good balance. sorry

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