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Flintlock musket and pistol

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Flintlock musket, one tap body dealing 120dmg to body 2x multiplier on head, only one shot though and an extremely long reload, the idea being that it rewards you for accuracy and that it punishes you for missing. Unaimable you stick with the current view your on, flintlock pistol dealing exactly 100dmg is a secondary but has no crosshair and is aimable, both should take about 5 seconds to reload, and you have 5 shots in reserve with rifle ammo being used.

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I mean if it was a one shot thing that could be placed in the special slot then maybe but 5 seconds reload is still enough for someone to shoot and hide and reload. 

But to be honest rifles and deagles already generally 1 tap on head and they can be aimed and used more effectively then what you are suggesting. 

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