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How to create a Desktop Shortcut for a Garry's Mod Server.

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A shortcut is a path that is shorter than the usual or formal path to something or a method of operation that saves time over the regular operation. They are especially helpful when it comes down to connecting to servers. Instead of having to manually open Garry's Mod and search for a server, you could just click on an icon that will launch Garry's Mod as well join the server for you!


Step One

To begin creating your shortcut you must first go to your homepage. Once you are there you must 'Right-Click' and hover over 'New'. Once the new pop-up window appears click on 'Shortcut'.

Step Two

The Shortcut Wizard is very linear; you should only see an empty text-box. Click on this text-box and type in, "steam://connect/ttt6.moat.gg:27017". Once you are done you can click 'Next'.

Step Three

You should now see another empty text-box. Click on this text-box and type in the name of the server this shortcut if for. Once you are done you can click 'Finish'. 



To use your new shortcut all you need to do is double-click on the icon. It should immediately open Garry's Mod and load up the server.


Visual Guide

Click Here


All of Moat's Server IP's can be found here. Any text highlighted Orange is an example. You may input any server IP there.


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